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Fed Chairman Powell Claims The United States Is Not Recession-Bound


A Loyal Trumpian who works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration did the president a favor when a NOAA tweet confirmed Trump’s claim that Alabama was in Dorian’s initial path. The NOAA manager claims the president looked at the weather models while Dorian was still in the Atlantic, and that model showed Dorian would hit Alabama.

In other words, NOAA gave Trump’s six-day obsession with Dorian’s initial track credibility. The Birmingham National Weather service contradicted Trump doctored version of the storm’s path, but the president got to a high-level manager and he threw the National Weather Service under his Trump-loving bus. According to the president of the National Weather Service Employee Organization, Dan Sobien, the employees had nothing to do with the NOAA tweet. Dan said the tweet compromises the credibility of the National Weather Service.

While Mr. Trump went on and on about the initial path of Dorian, Jerry Nadler and his judiciary committee are in the process of drafting the first steps in the impeachment process. Mike Pence sent most Democratic lawmakers over the edge when he stayed at Trump’s Doonbeg golf resort while he toured the village with his wife, sister, and mother,

Mr. Pence had official government business in Dublin. Dublin is 140 miles away from Doonbeg. Mike’s chief of staff told the press Mr. Trump suggested Pence and his entourage stay at his resort, but the president denied that claim. Nadler claims staying at Trump-owned properties violates the emolument clause, and that is an impeachable offense.

Mr. Pence tried to make Boris Johnson feel better after Parliament gave him a royal smackdown. Pence took a beating before he arrived in London. The Irish told Pence he may be Irish but he not Ireland’s friend if he supports Johnson’s move to leave the EU without a signed agreement. Pence told Johnson Trump will help, but Parliament won’t let that happen, according to labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told a group at the University of Zurich the U.S. economy will not implode even though Germany and other countries in Europe and Asia are one step away from a recession.

Powell hinted the Feds would cut interest rates in September. That means the Feds know the economy has the tariff flu, according to MarketWatch. But Powell can’t say the country is prime for a recession without slowing down the only bright spot in the economy which is consumer spending, according to MarketWatch.