Find Out Why These 4 ASX Stocks Skyrocketed Last Week

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    The S&P/ASX 200 has pushed high for seven sessions in a row. Friday is proving to be another positive day for the index after numerous stocks skyrocketed on the day, finishing the week on a positive note.

    We’re going to dig deeper to find out why these four stocks have rallied late in the past week and what it means for investors going into the latter end of the year.

    1.     Senetas Corporation Limited (ASX: SEN)

    Senetas stock trades at such a low price that it’s easy for the company to push a 22.22% gain. The stock ended the day trading at AU$0.11. The stock rose as much as 33% in earlier trading on news that the company expected full year net profit to surpass guidance by as much as 42%.

    The company updated investors with the new net profit before tax figures of AU$6.8 million to AU$7.1 million.

    Senetas is slated to release their full year earnings on August 26. The company offers high assurance encryption hardware.

    Senetas has had a difficult start to the year after a drop in price in late January. The drop came after the announcement that the company would have net profit after taxes for the first half of the year of just AU$1.7 – AU$1.8 million, down from AU$2.8 million the prior period.

    2.     BlueScope Steel Limited (ASX:BSL)

    BlueScope Steel shares released their earnings late in the day on Thursday, which helped the company’s shares rally on Friday, ending the day up 5.1% to trade at AU$8.25. Preliminary, unaudited EBIT for the year ended June 30, 2016 is expected to be near AU$570 million following a strong second half.

    Asian steel prices allowed the company to report higher margins and produce strong results.

    BlueScope further completed a US$500 million unsecured note offering in May. The company noted strong demand and the opportunity to increase its size. The initial note proposal was US$300 million, far lower than the final figure.

    BlueScope stock is up over 12% in the last two sessions.

    3.     Whitehaven Coal Ltd (ASX: WHC)

    Whitehaven Coal reported record coal for the financial 2016 year, helping push its stock price up 13% to trade at AU$1.66 on Friday. The company revealed that their full-year production levels hit 20.5 million tons, up 30% from the previous year.

    The company further announced that they sold 20.1 million tons of coal, up 44% year on year. Sales from thermal coal account for 84% of all sales, while metallurgical coal accounted for 16% of sales.

    The company is one to watch for the remainder of the year. Whitehaven has been an impressive stock that has risen 123% in the trailing 90-day period.

    A report from the company suggests pricing for metallurgical coal products to be in the range of US$67 – US$72 per ton in the September quarter. The company is on pace to meet its guidance for the first half of the year.

    4.     Structural Monitoring Systems plc (ASX: SMN)

    Structural Monitoring Systems is a stock everyone wished they owned 12 months ago. The company’s stock is up 435% in the past 12-month period.  Shares rose an additional 6% on Friday to hit AU$1.89 a share.

    The company announced a major update from manufacturers. The OEM Programme Update was released on Friday, July 15. The company announced that it withheld the name of the OEM due to the proprietary nature of the program.

    Structural Monitoring Systems has collaborated in “hotspot” application with several of the world’s leading aviation outlets. The revisions will allow the application to be applied to 74 different aircraft types.

    Boeing has further announced that it has approved the company’s technology. The announcement will allow all 737-NG operators to use the company’s vacuum monitoring sensors, which will replace all existing ground-based vacuums.

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