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Finding Software Synergies with Riot Games’ Chief Operating Officer Scott Gelb


If you have ever played a multiplayer online battle arena game, then you probably know the importance of finding synergies amongst your team. Leveling up only goes so far without diversity and the benefits that stem from maintaining it. If you ask avid MOBA gamer and Riot Games’ COO, Scott Gelb, life follows art in this way. In 2011, Gelb had been working as Riot Games chief technology officer for 3 years. At the time Riot Games was gaining momentum with their MOBA game, League of Legends but the company was looking for processing synergies to streamline operations. As CTO, Gelb began looking into incorporating Pando Networks into the game. With the network, LoL was able to better manage social media and network traffic and lead to faster download speeds for the increasing player base. Without such advances, it is unclear whether LoL could have expanded to the global scale that it since has. “Riot Games is one of the hottest online game companies today. While Pando workswith many of the leading free2play game companies around the globe, we have rarely seen such an enthusiastic response to a game as we have seen for League ofLegends.” Said Pando Networks CEO at the time of Pando and Riot’s venture, “We are proud to be providing our scalable solution that successfully meets the demandfor such a popular game.” A scalable solution that Gelb was very much a part of orchestrating. Gelb has spent the better part of 14 years working in software. This experience came in handy with the Riot/Pando venture. “The combination of faster download speeds with an intuitive user experience and a reliable download solution regardless of network constraints has proven successful for Riot,” said Scott Gelb, “We now convert more website visitors to gamers which has had a big impact on the number of people playing our game.” The number of LoL players has skyrocketed since 2011. With a prize pool of over $2 million dollars, the League of Legends 2018 Championship had over 200 million viewers according to ESC. LoL has yet to see a decline in interest and Gelb’s efforts become hard to overlook. Scott Gelb spent 9 years acting as Riot’s CTO and was a major component of the Los Angeles based company’s ‘behind the scenes’ success. Focusing on the scientific and technological issues and logistics within Riot, Gelb allowed the company’s founders to return to what they did best. Creating. Gelbs efforts were rewarded in 2017 when he rose to the Riot’s second in command, the Chief Operational Officer. Rivaling his passion for finding synergies in software is Gelb’s interest in the games themselves. What ultimately attracted him to his current profession was initially MMORPGS like World of Warcraft, Everquest 1 and 2 and Ultima Online. Receiving his Bachelor of Science in computer science at the University of Kansas in 2000, Gelb joined the MOBA craze of the late nineties in his Kansas dorm. Deciding to pursue his recreational passion professionally, Gelb continued his education at Washington University where he earned his master’s in computer science in 2005. Not only was Gelb part of the growing MOBA player base and going to school full-time in the early 2000’s, he was also applying his knowledge in the field. His first position during his last year at Washington University was with MetaMatrix. It was here that Gelb sharpened his coding craft as he worked as a software engineer. If that does not sound like a busy enough schedule, he was also having as lead software engineer for BLC Healthcare/Strategic Staffing Solutions.Upon receiving his two computer science degrees, Gelb made a splash in the software industry with a company called Perpetual Entertainment. Gelb helped establish the company as a major player in coding services like game feature extension, load-balancing, lobby servicing, and patching. Here is where we see Gelb developing his knack for binary synergies that have since become his calling card. According to Gelb’s linkedin page, at Perpetual he provided, “developers and publishers with the tools they need to bring next generation online games to market faster and with lower technological and logistical restrictions.” These goalstowards operational synergy are still very much apart of Gelb’s work with Riot.