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Five Travel Jackets that Will Save You from Paying High Luggage Fees


When travelling to another country or anywhere within your country, of course you must have your luggage with you. When using air transport, you may not be able to carry a lot of luggage as you did before. This is because many airlines have increased their fees. There are ways in which you can avoid paying a lot of money for your baggage. With the right jackets, you can reduce your luggage with even one suitcase. You can pack one jacket in your suitcase and wear one, for your trip of weeks. Here is a list of jackets that will help you save money.

This jacket is very light and has little weight. Therefore, it will not occupy much space if you decide to pack it in your suitcase. Its insignificant weight will not increase your fees. You can also to have it on while you are travelling. The jacket has sleeves that you can remove hence making it perfect for any weather.

Eddie Bauer
The Bauer can also help you save on baggage fees. This jacket has eight pockets that can accommodate some of your small properties. You can put your passport, phone, earphones on any of these pockets, and you can be sure they are safe. The jacket is made of a material that stretches and this assures you of comfort and flexibility. This jacket is perfect for those who prefer an ancient style and are in need of many pockets.

Mammut is a jacket that can serve you in many ways. It has fiber that you can choose to remove when you want to. You should carry this jacket if it is cold wherever you are going. The fiber in this jacket will always keep you warm on chilly days. It also has a hood that you can detach and even use it as a pillow. It also has enough pockets for you to put your belonging.
This ordinary jacket is light and can offer you the warmth you need. It also has internal pockets with zips, which will help you carry more stuff with you instead of putting them in your suitcase.

This jacket is puffy but it is light. It is water resistant. Therefore, you do not have to worry if someone spills water or any drink on you. It will still offer you that warmth that your need. Like all the other jackets, it also has pockets.
Jackets are for comfort. You should not use them to help you avoid luggage fees. However, airlines leave you with no choice because of their high fees.