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Flynn Wants To Change His Plea To Not Guilty


Harry and Meghan gave the Queen a dose of the Millennial decision-making process when Harry told the press Meghan wants to live in Canada and raise baby Archie without all the royal interference. The couple never gave Archie a title, and that upset the Royal Family. But the decision to break away from the Crown opened a new wound in the Queen’s court, and she is in damage-control mode.

The Prince Andrew debacle is still a fresh royal wound. And Harry’s decision to protect his wife from the racist British press may be more than the 93-three-year-old Queen can handle. Charles tried to change Harry’s mind, but Meghan said she’s done with being a royal.

Boris Johnson told the press he’ll decide to use Huawei’s 5G technology despite pressure from Trump to blackball the giant tech company. Mr. Trump blackballed Huawei last May, and he continues to force Wilbur Ross to change the tech rules, so U.S. tech companies can’t use Huawei’s technology in basic tech products like smartphones.

Trump’s quest to bring Huawei down didn’t hurt the company’s business in 2019. Huawei’s CEO reported an 18 percent increase in revenue despite losing billions in revenue from the Trump ban. Huawei’s smartphone business continues to give Samsung a run for smartphone gold. The Mate X, Huawei’s foldable smartphone, sold out in a matter of hours when it hit retail in China. Samsung sold 500,000 foldable phones around the world in 2019. Huawei sold 200,000 foldable smartphones just in China.

The impeachment trial is still a mystery in terms of rules and witnesses. Trump wants Chief Justice John Roberts to dismiss the impeachment charges. Roberts will oversee the trial, but he can’t dismiss the charges even though Rudy Giuliani claims he can. One of Rudy’s criminal cohorts gave his Ukraine notes to Congress. The Parnas notes confirm Trump’s mission to screw Joe Biden. Parnas wants to reduce his sentence when he goes in front of a judge for donating money to Trump through a Russian-backed shell corporation. McConnell claims he wants to hold a fair trial, but he had his fingers crossed behind his back when he made that statement.

Mike Flynn, Trump’s first security advisor, wants to change his plea to not guilty. Flynn helped Mueller during his investigation to stay away from a prison orange jumpsuit. But Mike decided to pull a Trump move and claim federal prosecutors didn’t live up to their agreement when they told the judge Flynn should serve six months for being a fact-changing dick.