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Forget about Saving and Try Working Longer


When the issue of retirement is mentioned, savings is included in the mix. Many retirement savings fall short. However, this doesn’t mean that one can’t retire as earlier planned. In the trade-off between saving more and working longer, there is just a small difference. Financial experts noted that delaying your retirement for three months or six months has the same impact as making a saving of 1% more of your monthly salary over 30 years. According to the National Bureau of Economic Statistics, the importance of saving has continued to decrease as the employees approach the retirement age. For example, if you decide to boost your retirement funds by 1% for ten years before you decide to retire, the effect will be the same. It will be similar like if you decide to extend your working period with a month longer.

Apart from the added income, you will incur when you decide to stay at your job, working longer is advantageous as it allows you to preserve your retirement savings.

Additionally, you will keep on developing those assets in tax-advantaged retirement strategies. If you come to think of it, when you delay your social security past full retirement age, it lets your benefits increase by an estimated 8% per year. If you are patient enough and wait a little longer, you can wait till your full retirement age of 66 or 67 years, depending on when you were born. This way you can get a 100% of the benefit ready based on your work record. If you wait till you reach the age of 70 years, you might total your benefit amount to around 13.2%. Frequently, financial experts advise that you hold off on claiming the benefits as long as you can. It all depends on you.

Additionally, don’t count on working for a more extended period to solve a shortfall that was caused by you not saving enough. According to a senior financial planner at T. Rowe Price, Stuart Ritter working for an extended period feels more of an eventuality than a plan. The reality on the ground is that employees wish to retire as soon as they can. Ritter went on to suggest that those that are almost retiring should opt to search for a side gig or a part-time job. These kinds of situations provide you with a soft transition. Additionally, you get to experience extra income. Everyone opts to enjoy a semi-retirement lifestyle.