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Former NYC Prosecutor Resigns From Two Boards Of Directors After Recent Backlash Stemming From Netflix Special


Under the cover of nightfall on a springtime night in New York City’s very own, famous Central Park, on April 19, 1989, the innocent 28-year-old Trisha Meili was interrupted on her regular evening jog through Central Park, beaten, raped, and ultimately killed.

Since there are many millions of cases that go through courts of law here in the United States each year, many of which aren’t particularly exciting, only a few are covered by mainstream news outlets across the country on an annual basis – if any.

The court proceedings stemming from charges slapped on alleged criminals for the assault, rape, and killing of Trisha Meili were covered extensively in the United States. The Central Park jogger case, as it’s colloquially known, was prosecuted by Linda Fairstein, who served New York City in prosecuting alleged criminals.

A Netflix series was released less than a week ago, on May 31, 2019, that covers the most important points in understanding the Central Park jogger case, its treatment by the American public, and its portrayal in mainstream media across the country. Titled “When They See Us,” the long-awaited Netflix special has recently spurred a wave of backlash against Fairstein for her behaviors in the role of the lead prosecutor for the Central Park jogger case.

The specific reason why Fairstein has faced recent backlash is due to the mishandling of her own observation of five accused teenagers who were found to be not guilty after being convicted of beating, sexually assaulting, and killing Trisha Meili after being wrongfully sentenced for the crimes in 1989.

Just yesterday, on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, news broke that the now-former prosecutor of thousands of sex-related crimes carried out in New York City had resigned from her posts as a member of Vassar College’s Board of Trustees and a participant in Safe Horizon’s Board of Directors. Vassar College announced the resignation of Linda Fairstein from its Board of Trustees by publishing an official press release yesterday to the Vassar College school website.

Fairstein resigned from the pair of administrative posts because she felt that the swarm of negative attention brought to her as of recent would unfairly affect the operations and reputations of Vassar College and Safe Horizon. Doing so is a common practice for members of boards of directors to engage in after being accused of wrongdoings or otherwise finding themselves on the receiving end of tons of negative buzz.