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The Fox News White House Keeps The Trump Propaganda Coming


The Fox News network loves Donald Trump. And he loves Fox News. According to Mr. Trump’s grading system, most of the Fox News reporters are loyal to the MAGA flag. Fox News reporters are his cheerleaders’ thanks to Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and the other high-level sexists made the network a den for conspiracy theorists and Trump lovers, according to Jane Mayer’s essay “The Making of the Fox News White House”

Mayer works for the New Yorker. Mayer interviewed Diana Falzone a former Fox News reporter, and she had a lot to say about Fox News killing the Stormy Daniels story right before the 2016 election. Falzone found out about the 2006 affair, and she confirmed the story with Daniels’ manager. Diana knew about the hush money Cohen gave Stormy, but Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch told Falzone he wanted Trump to win. So Rupert told Falzone to kill the story.

Mr. Trump seems to have a super close relationship with Fox. When AT&T put a deal together to buy Time Warner, Trump told Gary Cohen, the director of the National Economic Council to call the Department of Justice and block the merger. That was a way Trump could get back at CNN, according to Mayer. Cohen didn’t follow Trump’s orders so the Time Warner deal went through. A fact that still pinches Trump’s sensitive and inflamed nerves.

The Fox News and Trump relationship is a first in Washington, according to the co-founder of the Niskanen Center think tank, Jerry Taylor. Taylor said this is the first time in history that a president has a propaganda operation set up outside of the government. Fox reporters give Trump feedback and make suggestions about political decisions he should make with his administration. And he rates reporter loyalty. Hannity gets a 10, but Bret Baier only gets a 6 because he’s soft on some of the Republicans who disagree with the president.

There’s an unethical current flowing under Trump’s close ties to Fox News, according to the Democrats. Trump abuses and degrades other news organizations in order to make Fox News stand out to the Trump voter base. No matter how weird or how law-breaking some of Trump’s comments and decisions are, Fox News is there to validate his list of fabulist yarns.

But the Democrats won’t let Trump’s relationship with Fox slide under the rubble of all the other unconstitutional actions the Trumpster wants notched on his political epitaph.