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All Your ‘Freedom Checks’ Questions Answered

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Freedom Checks: Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to investing or are a seasoned expert, you have probably heard of “freedom checks” and the supposed benefits that come with them. The world of investing is full of people who will try taking shortcuts and deceiving others to reach their financial goals.

Many investors are hesitant to trust new opportunities as a result of the number of scams in the industry. The good news is that they are real and can offer impressive returns if you follow the right steps. This guide will reveal the man who started the freedom checks sensation as well as answer all of the questions you could have about this investment opportunity.

Let’s take a look at Matt Badiali and how he introduced the world to the freedom checks, and you will have a clear picture of what to do. Badiali is a geologist with a master’s degree in earth science who has traveled the world during his studies. He has visited countries around the world to inspect coal mines, oil fields and other sources of fuel to confirm their legitimacy.

Working in this industry and traveling to various locations gave Badiali the chance to interview the CEOs of some of the world’s leading energy suppliers. During the 2008 stock market crash, Badiali acted against the advice of his friends and close family by investing in energy stocks at $0.06 each. By 2010, he sold the stocks for a shocking $2.64 each, earning a profit of 4,400 percent. Boasting a geology degree and earning breathtaking returns on an ill-advised stock purchase, Badiali has earned his spot among the top investment strategists of the modern world.

Freedom Checks Overview

Matt Badiali's Freedom Checks
Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Now that you know a little about the man behind the freedom checks, it’s time to explore the checks themselves. The commercial that gained traction featured Matt Badiali holding a large check and promising that others could also get their hands on impressive sums of money by requesting their own freedom checks. With his presentation, Badiali made it appear as if people interested in the offer only had to ask for a check to get one, but that is not the full picture.

A lot of people lost interest when they discovered that obtaining a freedom checks required an initial investment. While Badiali’s presentation made some people reluctant to trust the offer, investing in a freedom checks is still a lucrative opportunity for those who have not yet lost interest. In simple terms, a freedom checks is a capital gain from an investment.

Master Limited Partnership Overview

Instead of coming from standard stock options, the returns offered by a freedom checks come from investments in master limited partnerships. Those who set up MLPs do so in a way that lets them take advantage of Internal Revenue Code title 26, subtitle F. In other words, MLPs let investors enjoy the tax advantages of a limited partnership with the benefits of a publicly traded company. Not everyone has heard about MLPs because they are one of the best-kept secrets among savvy investment experts from around the globe.

Why Investing in Energy is Wise

It’s no secret that the human population is on the rise, and the need for vehicles and other machines that use fuel will also go up. If you look at this situation from an objective stance, you will have no trouble seeing why energy companies make great investment opportunities. As more and more people start buying fuel, the stock values will continue to rise.

Why MLPs Offer High Returns

You are now ready to look at the reasons MLPs are great investment opportunities that offer wild returns. First, MLPs must pass 90 percent of their profit to investors to maintain their status and enjoy the tax benefits. Also, traditional income tax laws don’t apply to a freedom checks, taking your potential gains even higher. Instead of paying a tax on the capital gains you receive, you will only pay a tax when you sell your shares. The best part is that the tax you will pay if you sell is still much lower than income tax.

How Companies Distribute Freedom Checks

If you are like other potential investors, you are asking yourself how to claim your freedom checks once you start earning returns, which is a good question. Some people think they must go through a special process to collect their funds, but that is not how it works. You can get your freedom checks the same way you would collect any other investment returns. In some cases, the company will mail them to your home so that you can cash them at your bank. On the other hand, your broker might deposit the funds into your investment account for you to handle as you see fit.

The Possible Risks

Skeptical investors want to know about the rewards, but they also want to know about the possible downsides to any path before taking it, which is smart. Moving forward without looking at both sides is not wise and will likely cause a lot of problems in the future.

The good news is that a freedom checks is not any riskier than other investment opportunities. Look at the past and current trends of any investment you are considering and take a calculated risk. While the risk is the same as you would expect from other investments, the potential reward is much higher.

Final Thoughts

While the original commercial for freedom checks presented them as free money to anyone who wanted it, the truth is a bit more complicated. Freedom checks are returns from companies that set up master limited partnerships, allowing them to enjoy the rewards of publicly traded companies and limited partnerships. By following Badiali’s advice, you will be supporting companies that aim to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and other energy resources while you maximize your investment portfolio.

Keeping a level head and making wise investment decisions is how you can get the most from your freedom checks and minimize the risk to which you are exposed. If everything goes according to the plan, this investment could offer the best returns you have ever enjoyed.

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