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GBS Warranty Services: Providing An Extended Warranty Program To The Consumers


Buying a product from the stores comes with additional customer services such as warranties and other after-sale services such as transportation. However, from a retailer perspective, after-sale services are only offered for a maximum period of three years, which leaves buyers on their own. Anything that happens to the item bought, whether a needed repair or part replacement, it is the responsibility of the buyer to make arrangements for repairs and pay for such expenses at the same time.

However, this is not a fair approach as it leaves buyers spending more money on an item they bought after saving for many years. GBS Warranty Services intervenes on behalf of the buyers and provides insurance coverage and protection of the products beyond the usual coverage period offered by the retailer. The company aims to make sure that consumers don’t have to take care of paying for repair expenses and buying replacement parts.

In any industry, customers will always wonder why they have to pay for additional money for a warranty when the original item dealer already covers them. However, the fact that the item will be in service beyond the years covered by the retailer gives buyers no option other than to consider an alternative means of securing and protecting their valuables. GBS Warranty Services provides a comprehensive insurance service that covers the item under consideration for lifetime. So, why should you consider GBS for your warranty services?

Industrial Reputation

Industrial reputation is an important aspect that consumers should consider when choosing their insurance company. GBS Warranty Services has a reputation that precedes the company. The entity has been in the industry for more than thirty years, which is a clear indication that it is not a new company trying to cut it into the market. Being the first company to offer warranty of the purchased mattresses is a clear indication that the company has set precedence in the warranty industry.

Excellent Customer Services

It doesn’t auger well with customers when they are looking for various services from their warranty provider only for them to be turned down or ignored. GBS Warranty Services has excellent customer services. All the activities and operations done in the company are meant to make customers happy and enhance the protection of their products. GBS has been interceding on behalf of the customers, especially in situations where retailers and consumers conflict.

Protecting Customers

After the usual warranty period from the retailer expires, GBS Warranty Services will take over the coverage and protection of your furniture or items of value. In case of any accidents or repair needs, the company will provide the necessary repair services without charging you anything. Whatever type of repair or replacement, you will not be required to pay anything.

What Next?

Next time you are buying a valuable item, think of how much it will cost you to repair the item when it is damaged. To cover yourself against such expenses, consider a warranty program. GBS Warranty Services provides the best warranty services, and it will cover your furniture for a lifetime.