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GBS Warranty – When A Warranty Is A Good Idea


Life happens even when you have ordered furniture pieces and it arrives broken or cracked. You spent good money on the furniture and you are wondering what you should do next. The answer is to call GBS Warranty Services. GBS Warranty is a company that provides insurance guarantees for that new furniture item you just got. Their benefits include providing repair assistance or providing replacement parts.

GBSWarranty Services has been in business for more than thirty-one years. Their reputation precedes them because they were the first company to offer warranties on any mattress you purchased. They also interceded on consumer’s behalf in handling service problems on many retail furnishings. GBS continues its role as a partner with consumers.

Granted, as consumers, we don’t believe that when we purchase a household product that we need to also buy a warranty. Yes, some products already come with a warranty, but it does not include the life of the product. After all, furnishings like refrigerators and stoves do have a longer life span than does a beautiful sofa. Thus, an extended warranty in these cases is always a good protective idea.

As a bit of history, GBS Warranty Services is a subsidiary of GBS Enterprises, LLC. GBS Enterprises also carries the nickname “Genie B’s Specialties Inc. These family companies have always been involved in protecting the consumer. Their warranty options are offered in many retail stores across the U.S. In addition to providing warranty protection GBS sells products like pillows, allergy-free bedding, pillows, and more.

When you buy a GBS Warranty, this company stands behind the consumer. If you encounter a defect with anything you buy with a GBS Warranty, you will work directly with the company and their friendly customer service experts. Whatever your problem is with your furniture, a knowledgeable GBS Warranty expert with resolve the matter for you.

If something happens to the product that you purchased, GBS will have it repaired at no cost to you or they will ensure that you receive a replacement of equal value. Additional warranty benefits in working with GBS Warranty Services is that if you have a food or drink accident on your new furnishings, the company will come to you and clean it.

Yes, investing in a GBS Warranty is well worth it. GBS will come to your location with professionals working on the company’s behalf. The professionals quickly and thoroughly clean that stain as part of your warranty contract. Also, GBS believes in educating the public by equipping you with cleaning information should a spot or stain happen again.

So, next time you purchase a GBS product or when you buy a major piece of furniture and you are asked if you would like to buy a warranty. Stop and think about how much stress you will save by investing in a warranty. Not just any warranty, but a GBS Warranty Services guarantee. You’ll be glad you did!