Geisha Williams – Transforming The Energy Industry


    Geisha J Williams was born Geisha J. Jimenez in Cuba in 1961. Geisha’s father was a political prisoner in Cuba in the 1960s. He was suspected to be a rebel against the country’s military. Upon his release, he decided to move with his family to the United States in 1967 as a political refugee to look for a better life. Geisha was five years old at the time. They lived in Union City, NJ. Geisha’s parents worked hard to provide for their daughter. Her father washed dishes for restaurants at night, and during the day, he worked in factories. They saved enough money to open a grocery store where young Geisha would work as a cashier every day after school. This sharpened her math skills. It was also an opportunity for Geisha to be part of the community and learn the values of hard work and customer relations.

    Geisha J Williams attended the University of Miami, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. She was the first person in her family to get a college education. It was a huge achievement considering they were immigrants seeking refuge. She later obtained an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. After graduation, she worked in a local energy company in Miami for a while. She served as a residential energy author at the Florida Power & Light (FPL) Company. While working there, she met her mentor who encouraged her that she would be anything she wanted, even the CEO of the Company. She served as an energy executive for 24 years at the Company.

    Geisha J Williams then joined Pacific Gas and Electric Company in 2007. She was responsible for overseeing the Company’s electric operations. A decade later, in March 2017, she became President and CEO of the Energy Company. She was the first person of Latin origin to become CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. She was responsible for overseeing a $30 billion firm with over 20,000 employees serving over 16 million people in California. She was CEO until 13 January 2019. She helped the Company in meeting California’s bold clean energy objectives. She ensured that the Company was innovative in improving energy infrastructure in the center. She also implemented safety and affordability measures. Additionally, she serves on many boards, which include the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, the Bipartisan Policy Center, and the Edison Electric Institute. She is also on the board of trustees of the University of Miami and The California Academy of Sciences.

    Geisha J Williams is married to Jay Williams. They have two children together and are living a happy life. She owns shares in Pacific Gas and Electric Company worth more than $324,985. Apart from owning more than 14645 inventory units, the Company gave Mrs. Williams an annual bonus in 2018 worth up to 4.23 million dollars. The Company’s board also decided to give her a bonus of $1.085 in salaries. Over the next three years, Williams will obtain long-term incentives worth up to $8.597 million from the energy company. Her net worth is estimated to be 1.15 billion dollars as of 2019.