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Glen Wakeman: Business Toolkit for Startup Enterprises

LaunchPad ToolKit is a Glen Wakeman Method To Help Startups

Glen Wakeman is the current CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He also founded this company in order to have a vehicle for implementing the software products he designed specifically for entrepreneurs. He brings a lot of experience from previous positions within the business world, and these insights were translated into software products. His company is organized in a way that brings these essential software tools to businesses that are still in the early stages of their growth curve. These products contain all of the valuable insights that were gained over many years of experience. This includes business dealings overseas as well as domestically. The software was designed in a way that integrates his body of knowledge about the function of businesses, and this is now available in a software product.


Glen Wakeman, LaunchPad Holdings


His company develops software that provides online business planning services for early-stage entrepreneurs. The basic idea behind the software is to eliminate many of the common mistakes that are made by entrepreneurs during the start-up stage of their business. This service is a value proposition because of the large numbers of entrepreneurs who have a great idea but cannot put it into action because of the lack of a workable plan. LaunchPad Holdings provides these entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to transform a great business idea into a plan of action. This involves structuring the concepts and organizing ideas into a format that can be executed in a very practical sense. Solving the most common business problems is a matter of personal interest to Glen Wakeman, and he is interested in passing on this knowledge to the next generation of business leaders.


His business philosophy includes gaining a detailed understanding of a particular problem and applying sound precept in order to tackle the issue. For example, he utilizes the advantages of software to eliminate the most common problems faced by entrepreneurs during the early stages of their growth cycle. His interest in helping businesses to grow and become solvent is a central aspect of his business philosophy. The method he uses to accomplish this involves tackling the thorny subject of how to take an idea and turn it into a viable action plan. This plan is a powerful tool that can enable the entrepreneur to communicate core ideas to potential investors, which might even include friends and family members. The methods he uses to accomplish these goals are reflected in the software developed through LaunchPad Holdings (https://medium.com/@glen.wakeman).


About The Software


LaunchPad Toolkit is the name of the software product offered through his company. It is designed to help the business leadership grow and develop their skills in a way that minimizes the most common mistakes made during the critical start-up period (About). In practical terms, this includes establishing the company as a legal business entity, which can shape the future direction of the organization. It also includes a series of problem-solving algorithms, which enable the entrepreneur to minimize the number of mistakes during this start-up phase. Glen Wakeman uses a unique approach when developing this toolkit. It addresses the most common problems faced by business owners. His insights come from working with people to whom he has to explain and defend ideas. This interaction formed the basis of his communication style, which is expressed in the software. His insights were developed during many years of working with people who have great ideas but lack the tools necessary to put them into practice. The software is an answer to that basic business problem.


His software products are unique because they take into account the various aspects of the production process that must be addressed in any organization. Employee motivation is one of the most critical aspects of enterprises during their start-up period. As the founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, he developed an integrated approach to dealing with employees who either lack motivation or who might be inclined to cause other problems. The goal of creating a stable and reliable stream of revenue for the company is at the center of his considerations about software development and implementation. After many years in the business world, Glen Wakeman understands how important it can be to have a pool of dedicated and reliable employees who are as invested in the company’s success as the CEO. The software he designed provides new companies with a different form of capital, and this king only comes from hard-won experience.


Glen Wakeman, Additional Facts


Glen Wakeman believes that by addressing the most critical issues in the start-up phases, the company will have the foundation for lasting solvency. He has worked as an executive in the financial services sector and has personal experience as an investor as well as a small business owner. This background enables him to work as a writer on the subjects of greatest interest to entrepreneurs, which include administration and management methods. He used these experiences to develop both personally and professionally. In the business context, he had to adjust and adapt to different ways of engaging people both as customers and employees. His current work involves focusing on solving the basic problems of start-up companies, which experience a high rate of early failure.


Glen Wakeman previously worked as an executive for a past company, and he has extensive experience in the world of business. He traveled abroad extensively, and he used the lens of business to engage with people from various regions of the world. He is conscious of the way these experiences shaped his current approach to business, which is reflected in his current company, LaunchPad Holdings. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Scranton where he majored in economics and finance. His method is organized into categories, which include leadership, human capital, execution, risk management and governance. His work with companies includes serving in the capacity of CEO, in management positions and as an external investor. This gives him a way of relating to companies from the inside of the organization as well as the outside.

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