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Gold Version Of iPhone X Scrapped Before Release


Gold-colored iPhones have honestly been all the rage with a lot of people. It is a wonder then why the company behind them (Apple) would scrap a gold version of its latest iPhone before it ever hit store shelves. That’s right, there was a blush gold colored iPhone X that was supposed to be released but had production issues.

CNBC reports that Apple filed a report with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as they are required to when they put out a new device. That report showed that a gold iPhone was intended to be released. However, only grey and silver versions were actually put out when the time came.

The company has not been very forthcoming as to why they did not put out the gold iPhone X, but a bit of digging has helped reveal the answers. It turns out that it can all be traced back to problems with the ability to manufacture enough of this iPhones in the first place. There was a snag somewhere along the chain of production that Apple simply could not overcome. Rather than risk a shortage and angry customers, they simply decided to scrap the whole thing and move on with their planned release of the iPhone X in just silver and grey.

We do not yet know if the company will go back and release a gold version of the iPhone X, but we do know that they recently put out Red versions of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Therefore, they do have the ability to go back into the vault so to speak and release new colors of some of their phones if they choose to do so. A lot of that decision may well come back to their ability to work out these manufacturing issues. There is no question that those have to be solved before anything else that the company wants to consider doing. That is the only way that they can actually start to make up ground and get these phones out to the public.

Keep an eye on this story as we do not yet have all of the answers as to how this one is going to go. If you are a big lover of Apple and its products, you might want to see if they hold up their ability to put out the kind of products that the customers truly love and demand at this point.