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Google Continues Its Ad Ban Frenzy As It Focuses On Cryptocurrency-Related Ads


Facebook is not the only online giant that has banned cryptocurrency ads from appearing on its advertising network anymore for the largest search engine, Google, has now followed suit and banned any digital currency-related ads from being shown through its advertising channels too.

The new Google cryptocurrency ban is going to start in June of this year and will exclude any ads pertaining to anything cryptocurrency from being shown on its display and search-advertising platform.

The Main Reason For The Ban

Perhaps the most decisive factor in both Facebook and Google’s cryptocurrency ad ban decision was due to the ever-increasing scams being perpetrated by digital currency advertisers through their massive advertising network channel.

One of the scams, in particular, involves placing codes into ads in order to siphon computing power from those who have clicked on them. Google, alone, had to throw out over 130 million ads that used their advertising platform to mine for cryptocurrency via the computing power of ad viewers.

Google Not Afraid To Ban

Given the stats above, it is no surprise that Google would decide not to involuntarily partake in such scams. Afterall, they were responsible for blocking and removing advertisers from their network in record numbers last year.

In 2017, Google removed over 3 billion ads that were in direct violation of its advertising policies. This was almost a 50% increase from the year before (2016) when they removed 1.7 billion similar ads that were violating their ad policies.

The most common ad violators thus far were ads pertaining to:

Fake News

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes


Offensive Content

Google did not only remove these ads last year but further created 20 brand-new advertising policies for publishers and 28 new ones for advertisers to prevent any ads with any ill-intent directed towards its users from being shown on its advertising platform.

Google Will Continue To Review And Renew Its Ad Policies

As the most visited website in the world, Google has no choice but to continue to provide its users with a unique experience that is free from dangers and hassles.

While Google loses out on millions, if not billions, of advertising dollars each year because of its ever-increasing ad policies, they are justified in doing so as they try to manage and stay at the top position of the online search game.

Recently, Google decided to focus many of its policy efforts towards its sister company, Youtube, in order to further clean up any video ads that were in violation with its search network ad policy, including those related to cryptocurrencies.