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Grilling Secrets From Brandless — Grill Like A Master With These Easy Tips


Do you want to be a master at grilling? These grilling secrets from Brandless will help you jumpstart your grilling technique. Use these tips and your friends will think you’re an old pro, even if you’re brand new at grilling.

Grilling Secret #1: The Potato Trick

One of the biggest problems people have when grilling is food sticking to the grill. This potato trick is one of the easiest ways to prevent this. First, get your grill started and get it good and hot. Second, cut a potato in half and rub the cut surface of the potato over the entire grill grating. This will apply a thin layer of starch to the surface of the grating which will prevent your meat and veggies from sticking. This will in no way affect the flavor of your food since potato has such a neutral flavor. To protect your hands and fingers, it’s best to use Brandless Grill Tongs to hold the potato. Alternatively, you can stick the potato on the end of a long fork. Safety first always!

Grilling Secret #2: Do Not Put Oil Directly On Your Grill Grating

Spraying oil on the grill grate is a rookie mistake. The oil will oxide in a hurry and the charred oil will stick to your food and make your cleanup more difficult. Instead, lightly brush your food with oil or melted butter using a Brandless Grill Basting Brush. You can also lightly spray your food with Brandless Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This works exceptionally well on grilled portobello mushrooms and shish kebabs.

Grilling Secret #3: Use a Brandless Grill Spatula On Fragile Food

Another rookie mistake is using grill tongs for removing or flipping fragile foods like fish, mushrooms, or romaine lettuce. Invariably these fragile foods will fall apart if you use tongs and it may even land on the ground or in the fire. Part of becoming a grill master is knowing when to use a Brandless Grill Spatula instead to remove or flip foods. Brandless Grill Tongs work better on sturdy food like T-bone steaks, ribs, oysters, corn, and big hunks of pineapple. Some foods, like asparagus and peppers, that start out as sturdy foods become more fragile as you grill them longer so keep this in mind.

Grilling Secret #4: Clean Your Grill When It Is Piping Hot

The crusty stuff on your grill grating will come off much easier and cleaner if your grill is really hot. Use a Brandless Grill Brush to scrub the grating in a motion that goes away from your body. This will prevent any hot crumbs from hitting your skin or popping up into your eyes. Safety always first! The Brandless Grill Brush features strong stainless steel bristles that will stand up to frequent use and last a long time. The handle is textured and contoured to be ergonomic.

Grilling Secret #5: Basting Helps Keep Food Moist and Prevents Burning

Getting a little char on your roasted veggies and grilled meats is the halmark of a masterful grill. However, it’s also easy to overdo a good thing and end up with burnt or dried out food. To prevent this, try basting your food just as it’s beginning to get brown to prevent it from burning and to lock in the internal juices. The Brandless silicone basting brush makes basting a snap and it’s designed to be super easy to clean.

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