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Hargreaves Lansdown: Your Ultimate Fund Supermarket In The United Kingdom


The financial industry in the United Kingdom has significantly expanded in the last few years. With London Stock Exchange being one of the leading money markets around the world, other fund managers have been able to have a foundation for growth. However, most of the fund managers are highly interested in offering investment advice to thousands of investors who are looking for the best investment opportunities around the country. The increasing number of customers has made the industry competitive and very vibrant.

In this sector, Hargreaves Lansdown calls the shots. It is the biggest company that offers premium investment services to millions of financial consumers around the country. Being the biggest fund supermarket in the United Kingdom, Hargreaves Lansdown has to serve more than one million customers who demand quality and professional services from the company. It is a trait that the fund manager has mastered and currently stands as the best financial advisor, especially when it comes to premium customer services.

Hargreaves Lansdown does not only have the largest number of customers but also manages a considerable portfolio of customers’ investments, which is worth more than £86bn. The financial entity was founded in 1981 and has been the industry and market leader for more than 30 years. With extreme competition and changing customer needs, the company has always shaped itself as the trend maker and pioneer of revolution and necessary changes in the financial sector in the United Kingdom.

Hargreaves Lansdown is a listed company in the London Stock Market. It is one of the few financial entities that have been registered in one of the most competitive and volatile stock markets in the world. Besides being registered in the stock market, it is one of the few financial firms that are FTSE 100 Company, which is a significant achievement for any firm working in the financial sector. The aspect of being registered and attracting prime customers in financial plays a critical role in the position of the company.

Hargreaves Lansdown is not like any other mainstream financial advisor based on cheap services. The company offers first-class customer services for all the individuals willing to pay a premium for investment and fund management. The entity has been built on the reputation of informative research and excellent information on investments in the United Kingdom. Based on customer scores and ratings, which have been conducted by several research companies, the reputation of the company is significantly high. There are high rates of recommendation and customer satisfaction.

Based on responses from the customers, Hargreaves Lansdown offers the most responsive and efficient customer services, which are not easy to find in other fund managers in the industry. Functionality and the reliability of the services offered in the company are beyond reproach. The fair charges charged in the organization might be high as compared to other fund supermarkets in the industry, but the quality of the services is consistent with amounts charged. The company is not overly involved in over-enthusiastic marketing hype, which is mostly based on luring customers to poor fund managers in the financial sector.