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Here’s The Skinny On Crave Beauty Academy, A Leading Educator Of Prospective Beauty Industry Participants Throughout Missouri And Kansas


Many people – mainly women, as you likely already know – want to work as hairdressers, makeup artists, nail specialists, estheticians or skincare professionals, and in the position of instructors so as to pass on best practices for the beauty industry to new generations of the greater beauty industry’s service providers.

Although it’s possible to gain direct, hands-on experience from professionals in your desired field of work as a form of training without having to go to beauty school, most states across the country require prospective entrants into the greater beauty industry to become licensed before legally providing such services to customers within the states they operate in.

Crave Beauty Academy is one of the Midwestern United States’ best beauty schools, according to word of mouth, reviews spread across the Internet, and insight provided by well-tenured beauty industry professionals who have worked alongside guys and gals who have graduated from Crave Beauty Academy.

The trade school – technically, that’s the best way to classify Crave Beauty Academy – operates two locations: one in Wichita, Kansas, and the other in St. Louis, Missouri. Considering that, in terms of hours driven, these two locations are nearly seven hours apart from one another, Crave Beauty Academy serves a large area of prospective program participants.

Crave Beauty Academy’s roster of instructors is packed to the brim with well-reviewed, highly-skilled professionals.

Altogether, the two locations of this beauty school consist of 27 professionals. The trade school’s Wichita campus is led by Senior Director Stacey Peters, who studied pedagogy – the practice of educating others – at Xenon International Academy, graduating back in 2004. She’s been with Crave for over 15 straight years now!

The Ballwin, Missouri – it’s located just outside of St. Louis, Missouri – location is led by Associated Director Mary Penrose, who has been teaching students at Crave Beauty School since 2015 as its Lead Educator.

About the lead operator of Crave Beauty School, Ms. Kim McIntosh

The owner of both operations, who also serves as the operation’s President and Executive Director, is Kim McIntosh. Together with her husband, Stan, the married couple owns Crave Beauty Academy, which was renamed after they took control of Xenon International Academy back in Dec. 2014.

Ms. McIntosh has also operated a salon of her own, Salon Crave, located in Wichita, Kansas, since Dec. 2014. Kim’s niece and daughter work alongside her at Salon Crave as co-managing partners.

As if these two roles weren’t enough, Kim McIntosh also is the owner and operator of a wholesale-level provider of professional beauty supplies known as KMac Beauty Supply, which operates on a regional level with Wichita serving as the wholesaler’s center of operations.

Crave Beauty Academy is a true pipeline school

Some trade schools have limited partnerships with relevant employers throughout their areas of operation. This isn’t true for Crave.

The school is closely partnered with well over two dozen big-time employers, including Matrix, Redken, OPI, the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, Pivot Point, and more!