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Most High-Paying Jobs Now Require Coding Skills


Although the July jobs report from the Labor Department was better than expected, wages continue to remain stagnant with only a 0.3 percent increase from the previous month. Part of the problem is a tightening labor market where Americans need specialized skills to land high-paying jobs. According to recent commentary by MarketWatch, some employers will not recognize applicants if they do not have skills such as Python, SQL or JavaScript.

More than half of the jobs in the United States that pay more than $57,000 annually require some type of computer coding skill or another related skill. Coders write the programs that tell computers what to do. Those programs, also known as languages, include Python, JavaScript and C++. Since computers are a necessary tool in virtually every industry, in-demand jobs require employees to have some type of advanced skill. The world-renowned founder of Apple, the late Steve Jobs, once said that every person in the world should learn some form of computer programming language.

Understanding a coding language helps many employees automate trivial tasks and find solutions to tasks that were once considered impossible to solve. Although some companies do not require advanced coding skills, some do ask potential employees to bring some experience to the table. Many companies just want their employees to think more analytically by learning a programming language.

However, the American job market is not solely dependent on advanced computer skills. Many jobs still pay in excess of $100,000 without a computer science degree. Oil rig workers make $100,000 or more annually and contractors of varying skill levels can earn six figure salaries.

Some experts do state that almost every job in the coming years will require some type of coding experience. With the world economy continuing to evolve in the digital era, coding may become a mandatory skill set for most American workers.