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Highland Capital Management, L.P., Announces Promotion of Trey Parker as New Investment Manager

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DALLAS, TEXAS, September 18, 2017 — This week’s announcement that Trey Parker has been elected as the new co-chief investment officer for Highland Capital Management, L.P., is sure to make a favorable impression in the financial industry. Highland Capital Management, L.P., is an alternative asset management corporation for both institutional and private assets held in various countries across the globe. Trey Parker will manage the company with Mark Okada, one of the co-founders. The business partners will manage approximately $13 billion in assets.

Mark Okada said that Trey Parker deserved the promotion because he has been respected as a manager of operational alpha in a wide array of areas. Mr. Parker’s experience includes his ideas to make research more efficient along with an innovative risk management platform. Mr. Okada went on to explain that Trey Parker’s approach saves time and increases greater collaboration. The ultimate goal at Highland Capital Management, L.P., is to achieve improved results in client relations.

According to Mark Okada, Mr. Parker’s promotion receives the greatest amount of respect from the management team at Highland Capital Management. Mr. Okada added that he is excited about the prospect of working with Trey Parker. Mark Okada mentioned that the investment firm should benefit from their collaborative efforts to manage investments for its diverse group of global clients.

Within a few short months, Highland Capital Management has already benefited from Trey Parker’s involvement with the prestigious investment firm. Mr. Parker has managed to work his way up from a member of the investment team to the manager of the credit research department. In addition, Trey Parker manages investment portfolios associated with several credit funds. In 2015, Mr. Parker deserved his promotion as a partner of the firm.

According to President and Co-founder Jim Dondero, Trey facilitated an original investment platform that helped the company achieve its performance goals within its field of asset management. Mr. Dondero said that Trey Parker seems to have an innate understanding about the expectations and concerns of clients. Jim Dondero mentioned that Trey’s approach is in perfect harmony with the strategic goals that are central to the basic philosophy of the firm’s management team.

In referring to his new promotion at Highland Capital Management, L.P., Mr. Parker said that he is pleased to have the kind of recognition offered to him by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. Trey Parker mentioned that he is thankful for the confidence the asset managers have in his abilities and experience. He added that Highland Capital Management, L.P., is known for having an innovative investment style for the past 25 years. Trey Parker said that he looks forward to working as a manager and helping the company achieve even greater goals.

An official announcement was made that Mr. Okada and Mr. Parker will each manage specific investment portfolios. Trey Parker will continue to manage institutional funds and designated accounts. In addition, Mr. Parker will serve as the co-portfolio manager of the Highland Opportunistic Credit Fund. Mr. Parker will also serve on the boards of two investment committees.

A Few Words about Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Founded in 1993, Highland Capital Management, L.P., is recognized as an experienced global alternative credit managing firm known for its collateralized loan obligation (CLO) management strategies. Specializing in various types of strategic plans concerning credit, the firm focuses its attention on distressed private equity accounts, various public pension plans and alternative investment categories. Furthermore, the company manages funds in emerging markets and funds focused on natural resources.

The management team at Highland Capital Management, L.P., seeks to identify potentially unsuccessful ventures from reliable investments. The firm’s basic philosophy is to help investors rather than sell products. The company’s main motivation stems from the desire to act as an advocate for clients. One of its primary strategies is to lessen risks and successfully weather volatile periods.

The firm’s institutional clients include endowment funds, banks, public pension plans and personal clients who maintain complex financial portfolios. The company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. People who are interested in learning more about Highland Capital Management, L.P., are invited to visit the official website.