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Highland Capital Management: Working for the Future

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Math is a primary concern at Reasoning Mind, a nonprofit organization focused on education. The Reading Mind staff wants to provide children with the tools they need to understand math at a deeper level. The main objective is to teach students how to use their intellects to analyze and solve math problems.

Reading Mind uses a technologically advanced interactive learning program to help children understand algebra and other complex topics related to mathematics. With a firm conviction that understanding math helps students achieve better grades in college, Reasoning Mind offers training programs to help instructors comprehend the latest advances in the field of mathematics.

Emphasizing Math as a Way to Develop Logical Thought Processes

Math opens a vast mental universe that travels beyond basic calculations. While the founders at Reasoning Mind understand that students and instructors need to comprehend basic mathematical principles, a true understanding must extend beyond numerical horizons. When students understand the mental processes behind performing mathematical calculations, they are more equipped to solve other dilemmas occurring in their daily lives.

A deeper comprehension of mathematics enables the mind to separate logical facts from made-up stories. Math students have better analytical capabilities enabling them to examine diverse ideas. When students know how to look at every facet of a problem, it is easier to understand its basic essence.

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History of Reasoning Mind

In 1990, Alex Khachatryan emigrated from Russia to the United State with his wife, Julia and son, George. It seems difficult to believe stories about immigrants landing in the United States with hardly any money and only a few possessions. Nevertheless, the story of the Khachatryan family resonates with the same historical data. Alex, Julia and George began family life in Texas with only $700 and three or four boxes filled with essential books.

Alex and Julia used the educational information they learned in college to find good jobs. Alex worked as an artificial intelligence lab technician at Texas A&M University located in College Station, Texas. Julia worked as a team member of a professional consultant group where she applied her educational background in petroleum engineering.

George grew into a fine young lad but displayed no interest in mathematics. Since Alex and Julia fervently believed in the educational benefits derived from a solid mathematical background, they were at a loss as to how to help their son. George did not appear to enjoy anything related to math and had a poor comprehension of its basic principles.

Alex and Julia enrolled their son in a math camp with instructors who were devoted to tutoring students in mathematics. The teachers were enthusiastic about math and made mathematics a fun topic to study. Consequently, George suddenly began to take a keen interest in everything related to math. Within a few years, George became part of a family effort to develop a system catering to unenthusiastic math students.


While making a thorough study of the issues, the Khachatryan family realized that numerous public school students in the United States did not understand or enjoy mathematics. They learned that the school system curricula did not cater to math students and that the resource materials were inadequate. In addition, the family learned that instructors were not keeping up with the latest advances because they did not receive ongoing training in relevant topics related to the field of mathematics. Plus, they discovered that the average student was not interested in studying math.

Consequently, the Khachatryan family developed and founded Reasoning Mind to counteract the negative effects and offer a new and innovative way to study and teach math. Reasoning Mind offered excellent study programs designed to captivate the attention of bored students. Teachers were not able to become staff members unless they demonstrated a true love for mathematics.

Established in the year 2000, the nonprofit organization created a goal to focus on educating math students in the United States with training that surpassed the courses offered in public schools. Today, the staff at Reasoning Mind assists more than 100,000 math students and has 2,500 teachers on its staff. Reasoning Mind has won the praise of researchers and scholars because the programs have achieved outstanding results.

Reasoning Mind was the recipient of the Deloitte’s RightStep Innovation Prize in 2015, an award dedicated to discovering the next “cutting-edge solution in education.” Additional noteworthy confirmations have attested to the positive nature of the efforts at Reasoning Mind. A few examples include the Academy of Medicine, the Education Research Center at Texas A&M and the National Council on Teacher Quality. Plus, mathematicians Dr. R. James Milgram and Dr. William Schmidt have offered their endorsements.

At Highland Capital Management, we proudly invest in the communities where our employees live and work.

Philanthropist and entrepreneur James Dondero started his impressive career in 1984 as a Morgan Guaranty program student. At the same time, James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce earning financial and accounting degrees. Graduating with high honors, Mr. Dondero enrolled in additional financial courses and became certified as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

James Dondero used his knowledge when he became a staff member at American Express where he was employed as a corporate bond analyst. While working at American Express, Mr. Dondero was a fixed income fund portfolio manager who was responsible for managing $1 billion for the fund’s investors. James Dondero began working at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary in 1989. As the company’s chief investment officer (CEO), Mr. Dondero helped the small company expand into a $2 billion business. It was only a matter of time until the genius belonging to James Dondero manifested itself in the form of his own business.

As the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, founded in 1993, James Dondero was recognized as one of the world’s most brilliant alternative credit managers. Today, Mr. Dondero manages hedge funds, credit accounts and private equity investments. Plus, he excels as a dedicated philanthropist who contributes to various charitable causes in Dallas. In fact, James Dondero has recently pledged to contribute a sizable donation to Reasoning Mind.