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Highly Respected Aviation Experts Critical of Lion Air Pilots and Crash Report


Greg Faith an ex-NTSB crash inspector disagrees highly with the report that was produced by Indonesian NTSC on the cause of crash that happened in 2018 October on LionAir Flight 610. According to Mr. Greg the Indonesian NTSC 322- page report that gave details on the LionAir 737MAX crash didn’t give data that was truthful. However, Mr. faith argues that NTSC duplicated the evidence to make sure that it rhymed with their inference and that MCAS and airplane are to blame for the crash. He stated that the pilots flying the plane had a dearth of fundamental flying skills and lacked good training. Greg claimed that the two pilots were not supposed to fly the plane and that the plane was not in good condition to fly.

NTSC concealment on the liability of LionAir and the report by Indonesian NTSC raises lot of questions since LionAir airline in the past 6 years has been involved in a number of accidents. An airbus training captain notified AirLineRatings.com that the first officer wasn’t qualified to operate the plane. According to a report, the first officer did supplemental training in standard operating procedures and emergencies but the results were always constant and the problems were not solved. Pilot results proved that the first officer had trouble in operating aerodynamics stalls that are always a necessity in flying.

One of the world leading flight crew trainer supported the judgment and he notified Airline Ratings that a lot of information had been left unnoticed to make sure that the first officer was doing his job. Greg also believes that the captain was also not qualified to fly the plane and had question on why the two pilots worked together.
When the plane crashed, the first officer was the one in command of the plane. Though the first officer was in control, his inputs seemed to be weaker than those of the captain. This is according to results showed by Digital Flight Data Recorder. Flight 737 will always remain a puzzle because the captain didn’t take over his role and control the aircraft. The Technical Advisory Board and US government flight safety experts assured people in the beginning of the month that Boeing 737MAX had been redesigned and that it was safe and acted in accordance with the regulations. In March, 737 MAX was banned and the Technical Advisory Board was created. It comprised of NASA, FAA, US Air Force and the Volpe National Transportation System Centers.

Regulators from Europe and the US claimed that after the invention of a new plane, the pilots have to be re-evaluated to prevent such crisis from happening again.