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Huawei Upset About Government Product Purchasing Ban – Reaches out to Washington, D.C.


Huawei is one of the world’s leading telecommunications and electronic device brands. Based in China, Huawei became the largest manufacturer of equipment to be used in telecommunications applications in the world a little over one year ago.

Last year, in mid-2018, the United States Congress enacted that year’s – 2019’s – National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, into law. One of the things that the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act did was prevent any federal government agency or the contractors they hire to make use of equipment manufactured by Huawei in the name of guarding the security of the United States.

The reason why legislators went through with blocking Huawei in its 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, which is signed every year, is because the United States government believes that Huawei has very close ties with members of the Chinese government. As such, using Huawei equipment while doing government work could result in Huawei getting its hands, as well as the Chinese government’s hands, on private, secret information that it could use to get over on the United States government.

Although Huawei has claimed countless times that it is not, in fact, pushed around by the Chinese government, the country’s military personnel, or its intelligence services.

Just yesterday, on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, Huawei put forth a summary judgment motion, which essentially asks the judge presiding over the case to rule in the Chinese telecom company’s favor without having to spend any further money on attorneys or time cooped up in courtrooms.

Huawei got an even shorter end of the proverbial stick this month – May 2019 – after the United States Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei, keeping all businesses in the United States from purchasing things from the Chinese telecom giant without getting a permit first, which is unlikely to happen.

Recently, Huawei was fortunate enough to be granted a three-month stop from the ban taking place, effectively allowing businesses in the United States to do business with Huawei for the time being.

The Corporate Communications Head and Senior Vice President of Huawei, Vincent Pang, believes that what the Donald Trump administration has done has gone far out past the boundaries of what are acceptable in keeping businesses from engaging in commerce.

Huawei thinks that the People’s Republic of China will not face any setbacks, not even in the slightest, in introducing the country to 5G mobile phone network tech.