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The Importance of Technology in the Energy Industry


British Petroleum experts recently confessed that they had received calls for help from their counterparts in Azerbaijan. The experts from Azerbaijan told them that their oil wells were being invaded by sand. They further said that they had resulted to chocking the wells to avoid damage. This is a risky move that resulted in the reduction in revenue for the oil producer. As a result, a novel fix was designed by two engineers namely Tommy Langnes and Prad Thiruvenkatanathan. While Mr. Prad is a research scientist, his counterpart is a sand expert. The two used a fiber optic cable to listen to the sounds that were emanating from the well. They further went a step ahead by using an app known as Shazam. If you are not familiar with the app, it’s used in the music industry to recognize the voice of music stars. The experts managed to detect the sound of flowing oil. To ensure that they sifted the staggering volumes of the information that they received from the wells, the two scientists made sure that they installed computers on the production platform. As a result, the British company was able to troubleshoot where the sand was originating from. Also, they managed to prevent the breach which was chocking down the well.

From the use of this rare technology, the two managed to increase oil flow by 50 percent. They also solved a problem for British Petroleum which had disturbed them for years. Since then, BP has adopted the same technology in other areas such as preventing potential hazards such as leak detection. The system has even been compared with the iPhone. The scientists say that people should understand it as a phone that has apps already installed in it. While BP may be seen as the leader in the energy industry to embrace technology, other companies have stayed away from high technologies citing a number of reasons. Another company that has embraced technology is the Norwegian oil company known as Statoil. The company through its representatives say that they have adopted technology as it helps them cut costs in the competitive industry. This was also echoed by a British gas consultant known as Anders Brun. According to the experts, oil companies can benefit from using a technology known as big data. For instance, they face the possibility of saving $11 per barrel by using the technology. For starters, this translates to $300 billion every year.