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Investigating the Case of Rising Drug Costs in America


One thing has become apparent in the United States: Citizens are becoming angry about the ever-rising costs of prescription drugs. In fact, a recent study has shown that the cost of these drugs is the main concern of most ailing people. This has not passed the eyes of the politicians as they have come out strongly to reject the recent price hikes. Even Donald Trump has said that he will do something about the cost of drugs. However, despite the recent concerns, Americans are quite unsure about what’s causing the skyrocketing prices as well as who they should blame. This has led New York Times and ProPublica to join hands and investigate the matter. To their surprise, they discovered that most of these costs are hiked without the consent or knowledge of the customers. ProPublica happens to be a nonprofit organization specializing in journalism. There are some theories that have been floated to explain the situation. For instance, some people say that some health insurance companies insist that their customers must use brand-named drugs. In some cases, the insurance companies refuse to cover the generic alternatives. The companies are also not concerned in if the patient will have to pay extra money from their pocket.

Both the Times and the ProPublica asked their readers to share their stories related to the high prices. One story that caught the eyes of the two organizations is the story of a woman from Texas who even shared her medical letters and documents. She talked about a company known as OptumRx that is responsible for managing her drugs. She explained how the company requested her to pay extra for a drug called Brutans. Instead, the company requested her to try another drug called OxyContin which is a lower cost alternative. However, the company warned her that the alternative might be addictive. The Texas woman feels that this is quite irresponsible as the point of pain management is to have somewhere to go at the end. When asked about these issues, insurance companies say that they are working day and night to have some limitations when dealing with new drugs that can be addictive. At the same time, the insurance companies say that they are doing more to monitor doctors who prescribe these drugs. As a result, the insurance companies say that they have seen a decline in the monthly prescriptions of drugs that contain opioid.