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Investment Management: Improving the Bottom Line with Better Recruitment

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For C-level executives and human resource managers in investment management companies, bottom line improvements due to the recruitment process require cost-effective solutions to the recurring problem of recruiting shortfalls. Multiple industry experts point to a distinct shortage of specialized talent — and like a multi-year drought, the apparent financial talent shortage has been present for several years. Practical solutions are rarely obvious because recruitment challenges for the financial services industry routinely involve a rotating combination of multiple factors such as the following:


  • A rigid financial regulatory climate that impacts talent availability
  • Shifting skill requirements with a premium on multiple capabilities
  • Fluctuating global economic conditions
  • Disruptive new technologies
  • High customer expectations
  • An increasing emphasis on inclusiveness and diversity in the workforce
  • Difficulty of networking effectively in a digital and social media world
  • Intense competition


The recruitment challenges listed above are regularly affecting approximately half of all financial services firms. Multi-year surveys consistently reveal a key annual outcome — 50 to 70 percent of financial services CEOs say that talent shortages threaten continued growth of their firms.


Solutions for Financial Services and Investment Management Recruiting Problems


A growing number of investment management companies are turning to outside experts when timely recruiting solutions are mandatory. This specialized sector within the financial services industry includes organizations as diverse as hedge funds, private equity firms, and Fortune 500 companies — all featuring executives and managers with a laser focus on the bottom line. The specialized nature of investment management enterprises means that the most qualified outside recruiting experts constitute a very exclusive group — the short list is usually headlined by GoBuyside in the top position.


GoBuyside is headquartered in New York and currently represents more than 500 client companies operating in 52 cities and 16 countries. In addition to helping clients fill permanent positions, GoBuyside also enables client companies to hire talent for part-time consulting engagements — an especially helpful service for clients with short-term project needs. The immediate client access to top-tier talent for on-demand needs via GoBuyside is a win-win proposition for both employees and hiring companies. This popular recruiting service enables individuals to serve in multiple short-term roles while employers pay only a fraction of full-time hire costs.

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GoBuyside has also filled a vacuum in the investment management recruiting field by providing a complete menu of services that usually involve two or more separate providers — including market research, selling a business, raising capital and starting/growing/managing a business enterprise. This unified approach to talent management helps GoBuyside clients to save money and time while also improving security and confidentiality issues by restricting sensitive information to fewer parties.


Bottom Line Improvements as Reported by GoBuyside Clients


As noted above, investment management companies and other financial services providers have repeatedly encountered eight or more ongoing challenges when tackling recruitment efforts. For corporate decision-makers evaluating whether to select GoBuyside for development of successful and cost-effective recruitment solutions, consider this pertinent feedback from five clients about their bottom line results:


  1. “GoBuyside lowered our annual recruiting costs by over $800,000. Over time we have allocated part of these resources to hiring Human Resources personnel as well as increasing compensation.”
  2. “We had a longstanding relationship with a recruiting firm and unsuccessfully engaged them on a retained search for 60 days prior to utilizing GoBuyside. Within 10 days, GoBuyside closed our search.”
  3. “We were looking for junior finance and consulting talent in our business development and M&A departments. We tried multiple sources and GoBuyside blew them all out of the water. GoBuyside’s network effect and ROI were evident within a week.”
  4. “GoBuyside provides vetted access to all the top banking, consulting and investing candidates across the world. As the Head of Human Resources at my firm, I can confidently say that there is nothing else our recruitment team needs.”
  5. “We utilized GoBuyside in tandem with another recruiter our first year. GoBuyside immediately showed us value as our four hires that year all came through the platform. We have utilized GoBuyside exclusively ever since.”


About GoBuyside — Disrupting the Traditional Industry Hiring Model


GoBuyside is a leading executive search firm and global financial recruitment platform serving consulting firms, investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms. The company talent network extends to 500 cities and 100,000 talented individuals.


GoBuyside has featured exceptional client service in growing the company and their client list. As observed by Arjun Kapur, the firm’s founder and Managing Partner, “We care about helping clients achieve their goals rather than simply capturing revenue.”


GoBuyside was established in 2011 as a tech-enabled platform designed to disrupt the traditional industry search and hiring model for investment management recruiting. The firm created a network community that benefits all participants — GoBuyside is currently the largest investment management talent platform in the United States.