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Executive Profile: Jordan Lindsey, Founder of JCL Capital

Jordan Lindsey, Founder of JCL Capital

Part founder, investor, and innovator, Jordan Lindsey built his first company in 2005. It was called JCL Capital and it gave (and still gives) average investors the opportunity to make significant monthly returns through a systematic approach to forex trading. That company is still alive and well. But since founding JCL, Jordan Lindsey has not slowed down. He’s served as an advisor for Energia Global and founded another company: Prive Information Services.

He’s also leveraged an extensive background that has included forex trading, hedge fund investing, blockchain technology, and portfolio management, to spearhead several ambitious projects over the years.

Most recently, to fill the void in the cryptocurrency lending sector, he built an algorithm that trades Bitcoin in the forex markets. It’s the first third-party verified algorithm in the cryptocurrency market. It’s called the Bitcoin Growth Bot.

But Jordan’s early professional path doesn’t quite fit the mold for someone who’s built an industry-first algorithm in a such a tech-heavy, sophisticated industry. Instead, Jordan Lindsey built a solid foundation in finance before diving headlong into the world of blockchain, programming and systems architecture.

Education and Early Career of Jordan Lindsey

Jordan Lindsey Has Always Been Interested in Business

With an impressive accomplishment like the Bitcoin Growth Bot, you’d think Jordan Lindsey would have had an extensive academic background in software engineering. But that’s not the case. Lindsey studied at Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College. And at the beginning of his career, he served as Vice President of Maximum Capital Management.

Still, he’s always had an eye on the financial markets, so he knew early on that technology would play a huge role in shaping future financial marketplaces. Lindsey taught himself all the technical skills he needed to build platforms and algorithms that would change the way people trade currency.

But, having founded two companies, he’s much more than an analyst or a programmer. Lindsey credits his experience as the leader of JCL Capital for teaching him what it means to lead people. As an entrepreneur, and even at his early days at Maximum Capital Management, it was difficult for him to resist the urge to micromanage. But to accomplish what he wanted to, Lindsey realized, he’d have to allow his people to take the lead so they could flourish into leaders themselves.

Founding JCL Capital and Recent Achievements

Lindsey founded JCL Capital, a non-bank provider of foreign exchange trading and education in 2004. JCL Capital is an investment group that provides rules and methods to trade forex markets. At the company, Jordan himself served as forex mentor to help members make above-average returns by leveraging his techniques and trading philosophies.

Lindsey described one of the forex trading groups launched by JCL, “It is a group where I teach members to trade my methods and rules. We have a chat room where members can receive real-time help from myself or others. I hold live training sessions where up to 10 members can view my screen and ask questions. It’s a unique and special place.”

He was also sure to point out that the trading groups within JCL should not be labeled along with other forex services. Lindsey has always worked hard to differentiate himself from typical forex service providers that lack transparency and don’t deliver the kind of value he wants to.

But Lindsey wasn’t going to stop at JCL Capital, even when the company had matured and was running well. In fact, over the past few years, Lindsey has been quite busy. In early 2017, he finished coding an algorithm for use on the Metatrader 4 Platform. Later that same year, he launched a successful crowdsale for a cryptocurrency (on the Waves platform) that he created called Nucleus. In conjunction with that launch, Lindsey officially introduced the Bitcoin Growth Bot.

Looking Forward

While 2017 was a busy year, Lindsey shows no sign of slowing down. He and his development team are working on the full launch of the Bitcoin Growth Bot. The platform, which is essentially a fund management system, is scheduled for launch on March 5th. Following the March launch, Lindsey and his team will work to make the platform available on iOS and Android.

All the while, further improvements to the platform will be in the works, as Lindsey is committed to providing a better, more transparent trading experience in the crypto markets. A version 2.0 of the Bitcoin Growth Bot is expected in late 2018.

Professional and Trading Philosophy

Lindsey strongly advocates for a slow and steady approach to forex trading. A far cry from most forex traders who boast of get-rich-quick schemes, Lindsey emphasizes the importance of taking the long view. His strategies revolve around patience and perseverance; the goal is to minimize risk while making steady gains by generating solid returns over weeks, months, and years.

Lindsey’s trading philosophy lessens the pressure on each day by focusing on the big picture. By reviewing long-term goals before trading, Lindsey switches the focus away from a day-to-day mindset to an investor’s mindset. To Lindsey, trading is not about making massive returns in one day. It’s about building wealth over time as an investor.

For Jordan Lindsey, switching the focus of trading in this way makes him (and his students) a better trader. Instead of living and dying every day with every trade, he’s always making moves to position himself for the future.

A Different Kind of Investor

Jordan Lindsey Maintains Focus on His Career and His FamilyJordan Lindsey possesses a rare combination of skills and perspective. Having kept his finger on the pulse of financial markets for the past couple decades, he’s put himself in a unique position to capitalize on today’s (and tomorrow’s) financial markets. Perhaps the best part is that he’s ready to take other investors along for the ride. Those who are willing to understand the opportunity, then take the calculated risk, like Lindsey has, to move first will see the greatest returns.

It’s hard to believe, but as much experience as Jordan Lindsey has behind him, with the launch of the Bitcoin Growth Bot, there’s a lot more to come.

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