Home Business Justin Dearborn Is Successfully Embarking On A New Career In California

Justin Dearborn Is Successfully Embarking On A New Career In California

Justin Dearborn Is Embarking On A New Career
Justin Dearborn Is Embarking On A New Career

Justin Dearborn is an American businessman born in 1971. He formerly served the Tribune Publishing Company as the CEO and Chairman. The newspaper publication business was listed on NASDAQ and the NYSE. He attended Illinois State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree. His JD was received from the DePaul University College of Law. He started his career at Motorola, prior to serving Click Commerce. Justin Dearborn worked for a private equity firm called Merrick Ventures as the General Counsel and Managing Director. He also worked for Merge Healthcare as the CEO from 2013 until 2015. This was when the $1 billion merger with IBM took place. In 2016, he became the CEO for Tronc prior to becoming the Chairman in 2018.

Justin Dearborn eventually left Chicago to move to Hollywood. He joined the ICM Partners talent agency in the company’s new role of CEO. He is responsible for overseeing the internal daily operations of the company. He reports to Chris Silbermann, the Managing Director. He is joining another previous executive of Tribune, Cindy Ballard. She began working as the head of human resources for the company last year. Her position at the tribune was similar to Justin Dearborn’s. He believes his life is heading in a positive direction, but admits there are always complexities in life. His old team at the Tribune has a lot of respect for his current career path. He has stated he wishes them all nothing but the very best.

Justin Dearborn has talked about how he came to be a part of the ICM team. He said his position with the company became possible due to his connection with Cindy Ballard. At the time, he had been searching for a position with more excitement and potential for growth. He said he is pleased with the dynamic space he found. His job description includes business support and functions. These were also his responsibilities during his time at Tribune, but on a much larger scale. The headquarters for ICM are located in Century City, California. The company has roughly 600 employees working all over the world. In most instances, the majority of the employees are in the Los Angeles area. He will be covering many different areas in his new career including acquisitions, mergers, technology and finance.

According to a statement made by Chris Silbermann, the company has just completed the best year they have ever experienced. He believes Justin Dearborn will be an important aspect of management. The said this will lead to sustainable internal growth, and help in the identification of close strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Mr. Dearborn is in the middle of moving his wife to the Los Angeles area from Chicago. Their daughter is currently attending USC.

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