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Justin Theroux Looks Dapper At The Met Gala


As everyone already knows by now, it’s exceedingly difficult to get into the Met Gala. In fact, rumor has it that every guest who attends needs to be personally approved by style maven Anna Wintour herself. However, the actor and writer Justin Theroux made the cut once again—and he did not disappoint. Appearing on the red carpet in a Louis Vuitton ensemble, Theroux adhered to the “camp” theme of the event without going too overboard. Of course, this was not the first time that Theroux has been praised for his sense of style. When he was married to actress Jennifer Anniston, Theroux was often snapped on the red carpet.

At this point in his career, it seems odd that many are unaware of how Theroux came to the public’s attention at first, but this may be because he prefers to fly under the radar. Born into a family of writers, Theroux has always possessed a perspective that is usually more sophisticated than that of his peers in the entertainment industry. Although his Hollywood writing career has really taken off over the past decade or so, Theroux first came to the spotlight by way of his acting career. In David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, Theroux played a film director whose relationship with an actress would provide the catalyst for much of the action. It wasn’t long before he was being sought after for higher budget projects as a result of the film’s success. Eventually, Theroux would even be cast in the lead role on HBO’s The Leftovers.

As one of the rare people who can easily transition between different roles in the storytelling process, Theroux has staked out a claim as one of the most interesting artists today. Seamlessly going from in front of the camera to behind it—and then back again—Theroux has surprised and delighted the industry with his versatility. When he becomes involved with a project, people immediately become intrigued. Yet somehow, Theroux has always managed to dodge the attention that plagues so many other creative types in Hollywood. Even when he was married to Jennifer Anniston, tabloids seemed to possess an implicit understanding that Theroux was not the type of celebrity who’d be comfortable with being followed around all the time.

Although he definitely works in Hollywood, Theroux has proven that he’s more compelled by the artistic side of things. If anything, his recent debonair debut at the Met Gala demonstrates his knack for working with other artists from all walks of life. Because he is so creative himself, it makes sense that Theroux’s presence would inspire fashion designers during one of the most talked-about moments of the year. With the looks and the charisma to pull off a daringly elegant ensemble, Theroux once again showed that he is adept at handling all of the finer aspects of being a box office draw.

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