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KOI IXS and Edwin Miranda are Updating Puerto Rico


KOI IXS is a full-service, performance driven marketing agency, headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Founder and CEO, Edwin Miranda, had the dream to make a marketing agency like KOI IXS when he was only 21 years old, and has been realizing that dream ever since. In order to fulfill the tall order of “full-service” and “performance driven”, KOI IXS has a large team of creatives and strategists from every sector of marketing, design, and advertising to serve their clients to their peak potential.


Following the lead of Miranda, KOI IXS’ goal as a company is to be performance driven, meaning using the technology and tools available to get the best performance. And if that doesn’t work, check the data and try again. Miranda has pushed his agency to work within the newly growing field of predictive marketing. Programmable advertising, which is when a company can curate its ads to targeted consumers based off of their consumer habits, is used by 50% of marketers today. Of those marketers, 66% report that programmable advertising leads to higher ROI (Return of Investment) than traditional media buying. KOI IXS relies on the new age technology of now to provide this service to its clients.


To further show their dedication to progress in marketing technique and technology, the KOI IXS keeps a blog on their website sporting posts that present and analyze different marketing research and current trends. Some of the titles include The State of Programmatic Advertising, or Five Trends to Perform in 2019, or even the more ambitious one of Could AI Help Advertising Feel More Human? These articles and their titles speak to a commitment on behalf of KOI IXS to being a marketing agency that is moving along with the current world to serve the world.


There’s four main areas of assessment and expertise that the KOI IXS team surveys and explores for each client: Innovation & Strategy, Digital Ecosystems, Digital Marketing, and Performance & Optimization. Each area can be built up and out individually, while they all work together to create a cohesive, front-facing brand message to all of the client’s customers. When looked at as one, all four areas from the company’s digital ecosystem for the company’s brand to grow and flourish.


Innovation and Strategy, the first area of assessment, enlists the need for research and insights into the clients customer feedback to inform strategy going forward. Thanks to great technological advances in customer buying data KOI IXS can use this data to strategize a clients growth and content tactics. This goes back to the performance side of KOI IXS, in that their strategy is based on results.


In the next area of focus, the Digital Ecosystem, perfecting the way in which the customer is experiencing the brand is the main focus. To ensure that all points of contact between the client’s digital face- its websites, social media, search results- are cohesive and on-brand, KOI IXS provides UX and interactive design cross a client’s platforms, including mobile and apps. By utilizing programmatic data, KOI IXS can create tailor-made user experiences for their client’s customers.


Digital Marketing, the third area of focus, completes the communication circuit between customer and brand through designing the ways the two interact socially. KOI IXS does this in numerous ways, like curating the client’s social media through geotagging and geolocating posts, or reaching out to influencers. They also make sure that only a client’s targeted customers get advertising on their social media feeds, in order to yield a higher ROI for their clients. All of this creates a personalized, back and forth between the company and their customer base.


In the final area of focus, Performance and Optimization, KOI IXS reviews their marketing efforts and refines the process. This is the essence of performance marketing, using the information gathered to further inform their strategy, so they can have tested results.


As an entrepreneur, Miranda has frequently sighted passion as the key ingredient in his success and decision in creating KOI IXS. That, and hiring a team of trusted, talented people. With a trustworthy team, Miranda insists it’s easier to take risks as a entrepreneur. It is through this large team of varied talent and experience that KOI IXS is able to be the full-service marketing agency that it is. In an interview with IdeaMensch, Miranda advices to all would-be entrepreneurs to take risks and go for their dreams, as he did.