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Man Says Government Shutdown Delayed Student Loans


Scott Ford was stressed during the holidays because he did not know how he was going to pay for school. He is supposed to start school at the Ohio Media School on January 21. He will be studying broadcast television. However, his student loan was delayed due to the government shutdown.

Scott said that he should be fine until his student loan is processed. His family has helped him, and he saved up money from his job. Scott currently works as a freelance journalist. He dropped out of high school, but has found his real passion. He wants to become a news anchor.

The Department of Education stated that the government shutdown will not affect student loan funding. They said that they had enough funding for the next fiscal year. They also stated that they were not aware of the fact that people were having problems.

However, many people received a notice saying that some of the systems that are used to process loans are currently closed. The notice also said that they are looking into this and will resolve the issue as soon as they can. Additionally, the notice said that they will do everything that they can to ensure that the impact on students, schools and government agencies are as minimal as possible.

The government shut down on December 22, 2018 after Congress was unable to reach an agreement on the funding for the wall. President Trump was trying to get $5.7 billion to fund the wall. He stated that the government shutdown will continue until he gets funding for the wall. He warned that the shutdown could go on for years and possibly months. He also stated that he is considering declaring it a national emergency so that he could get the funding to build the wall without Congress approval.