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What Mark Zuckerberg Intends To Tell Congress


A transcript of prepared remarks by Mark Zuckerberg has already been released ahead of his visit to Capitol Hill on Wednesday. He is preparing to tell the members of Congress many things in defense of Facebook that they have not previously heard.

CNBC reports that Zuckerberg has been facing questions from members of Congress related to what Facebook did or did not do as it relates to Cambridge Analytica and their use of sensitive Facebook data.

The Facebook founder has already been apologetic in some of his remarks made earlier this week. He has definitely been in full damage control as it were while trying to make sure that his company leaves this episode as undamaged as possible. He still has a lot of work to do to regain the trust of many of his customers past and present.

The data leak of millions of users is the most recent bit of damage to the reputation of Facebook. There are still some of course who are smarting over Russian muddling in the 2016 Presidential Election. That meddling has been proven at this point, and it is something that has people quite upset at Facebook for not taking more action to put a stop to it.

All of this things are starting to pile on top of one another to the point that Zuckerberg did not feel that he could simply avoid the issue anymore. He often prefers to put out statements from spokespeople rather than address the media directly. However, things have gotten so blown up at this point that he feels that he must do something to try to stave off any more damage to the reputation of Facebook going forward.

Zuckerberg intends to go through the entire timeline of events as he sees them leading up to these issues that Facebook has been recently faced with. He will try to explain how something like Cambridge Analytica is allowed to exist on the Facebook platform in the first place as well as what the social network is trying to do with the knowledge of what that organization has done now. He will talk about new safeguards in the system that are meant to help prevent what happened with Cambridge Analytica from happening again. With all of those things going for it at the same time, Zuckerberg believes and hopes that Congress and the American people will see his side of the story on Facebook.