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Market America Has Helped Greensboro Become one of the Most Successful Cities in North Carolina

Market America

In 1992, Market America launched its legacy in a small home in Greensboro North Carolina. With a vision and more determination than finances to turn this dream into a reality, JR Ridinger could only hope for the best. But he was more than pleasantly surprised when the company had reaped $1 million in retail sales and relocated to their first office building within 12 months of starting the company. In 1994, Market America hit another milestone by going international and making their mark in Canada, and by 1999 the company had sold $100 million worth of retail products.

Today, Market America has over 650 employees and more than 180,000 consultants globally. Headquartered in Greensboro, the organization has shipped an estimated $3 billion worth of products around the world, and they serve approximately 3 million customers.

The business is based online, they sell popular branded products such as Sears, Nike and Isotonix through their UnFranchise Business Owners. Market America sells nutritional, cosmetics, health and weight management products. They also sell personal goods and household products.

UnFranchise Business Owners are provided with their own personal shop.com website where they earn a commission through any products sold.

A unique feature of Market America is that their products are customized to meet the needs of the consumer. Their free online health assessment enables customers to provide information about their lifestyle and diet. Store visitors are also given a free skincare assessment, all of which enables Market America to recommend products that are specifically tailored to customer needs.

Why UnFranchise is Transforming The Corporate Landscape

Society has conditioned us to get an education, get married, have kids, and then work in a job that pays just enough to survive for the next 45 years! The UnFranchise system has taken this ideology head on and smashed it to pieces. Their systematic business plan puts people on the path to financial freedom within 2 years. Anyone who is fed up of the rat race and willing to dedicate themselves will succeed. Their business model has proven itself thousands of times over and given people the opportunity to become millionaires in a very short space of time. Even those who are not yet ready to cut ties with corporate America are making a healthy side income, allowing them to do things they were once only able to dream of.

JR Ridinger believes in the American dream because he has achieved it, he desires not only to continue to build wealth, but to pass the baton on to others. You don’t need a business degree to become a success with Market America, as you will learn everything you need to know is provided through training and support materials, and by attending their corporate events and networking with community members.

One of the main reasons why the UnFranchise model is so successful is because it is based on a step by step systematic system. Students are not given the tools and told to work it out for themselves, there is no trial and error to see what works best for you. Everything is done one way, and in the same way and they make no room for alterations. As long as the rules, regulations and procedures are followed, success is guaranteed.

The organization believes in hard work, they teach that those who want to be successful must do what the unsuccessful are not willing to do.

UnFranchise – Explaining the Name

JR Ridinger named the venture UnFranchise because the business model shares some similarities with a franchise minus the negative aspects. There are no franchise fees, no territorial restrictions, and no monthly royalties. When these barriers are removed, the process of making money becomes a lot more realistic.

As well as removing the barriers of a traditional franchise, there is little risk associated with the UnFranchise system. You can keep your regular job and work from home on a part-time basis and there are no set hours, you work when you are available. This safeguards your retirement, mortgage and savings. The fees are relatively small in comparison to the profit generated. It costs $99.95 to apply and register, a yearly re-newal fee of $69.95, and a fee of $20 per month to access the Market America Unfranchise Management system. Every cent is made back multiple times over when you start to make a profit. Once you are comfortable, and you start generating cash flow, you can increase your working hours to full time. There is no limit on the number of sites you can run, meaning there is no cap on your earning potential. The aim of UnFranchise is that Market America assists you in becoming successful, once you have mastered the trade, you mentor someone else to do the same.

Areas of Specialty

Another benefit associated with the UnFranchise business model is that you can choose your area of specialty according to your personal preference. You are not forced to work in a field that you are not confident about. There are four different areas a business owner can specialize in:

1.  NutraMetrix

They supply products for those in the health profession and provide the tools required to customize their client’s nutritional needs. NutraMetrix is also for those who have a passion for health and wellness.

2.   TLS Weight Loss Solution

If you have an interest in weight loss and encouraging people to stay on track and achieve their goals, TLS Weight Loss Solution might be an option for you. They provide your customers with everything they need to lose weight, keep the pounds off and live a healthy lifestyle. They are supplied with educational materials as well as a daily journal to keep them on the road to success. Customers can also purchase shakes, entrees, bars and other clinically proven supplements to assist them on their weight loss journey. Everything they need is at their disposal, and as an UnFranchise Business Owner, you have a responsibility to hold them accountable and encourage them to reach their goals.

3.  Motives

This area is perfect for those in the beauty industry or who have a love for cosmetics.

4.  Ma WebCenters

If you have an interest in online marketing, this specialization is for you. They provide superior marketing strategies to assist customers in gaining a competitive advantage in their industry.

Once you have established yourself as an UnFranchise Business Owner, you are given the opportunity to increase your earning potential by making up to 50% in commission from each product sold. By this time, you should have a main group of between 10 to 15 customers who buy from you exclusively. Market America trains you to become an expert in the marketing field.

Once you have mastered the art of selling products, you are given the opportunity to increase your earning potential even further by inviting friends and family members to become UnFranchise Business Owners. Once they have been onboarded, you then become a mentor and help them to get where you are. As an added incentive to recruit others to join, you will also earn commission on their sales.

Shop.com – A Worldwide Shopping Revolution

In 2010, Market America made Shop.com their next big acquisition. The online retail giant backed by Amazon.com and Bill Gates was sold to the company for an undisclosed amount; combined, they now have over 650 employees. Gates invested in the company in 1997; however, it is not known when Amazon made its investment. The organization has several other investors including Oak Investment Partners and Yahoo.

It is of no surprise that Market America chose to acquire Shop.com. Today, the majority of products are available online. Brick and mortar stores are closing down in record numbers as the world continues to gravitate towards the more convenient online shopping experience. Companies such as Market America have simply taken advantage of the trend and developed an online business model to boost substantial revenue. The driving force behind their success lye’s in their ability to be forward thinking. The company has remained an industry leader and sustained its competitive advantage because it has moved with the times and continues to do so.

Shop.com is a comparison site that makes the shopping experience extremely convenient for the consumer. Shoppers can find their favorite brands and products on one site, they are then able to choose the best price, delivery schedule and shipping method. The company also provides a selection of tools and advice from industry experts to assist the buyer in making intelligent purchasing decisions. One of their most effective tools is the Shopping Annuity.

The Shopping Annuity: The main premise of the shopping annuity is to give the consumer an incentive to continue purchasing from Shop.com. This comes in the form of converting spending into cash which enables shoppers to benefit from the economy they are participating in. The business model is made up of four key elements.

1.  Shopping Assessment: Visitors are guided through a shopping assessment to pinpoint their typical spending habits. The business model enables consumers to earn a continuous income.

2.   Shopping Habits: People purchase their everyday products such as soap, razors, shampoo and toilet paper through their own business. Purchases are made through their own unique brands and other brands they are affiliated with.

3. Shopping Automation: Built in technology provides consumers with yearly spending reminders, gift and product recommendations, as well as shopping lists they might be interested in.

4. Shopping Leverage: The idea is to grow the community by introducing other potential entrepreneurs to the system.

According to Ridinger, there is no other business model like the Shopping Annuity. Consumers are rewarded for their everyday spending habits; other retail establishments don’t offer this. Current income level, experience or education does not determine how much money people can make.

Market America International Convention

Greensboro, NC – August 11, 2018 – Market America|SHOP.COM kicked off its International Convention at the Greensboro Coliseum.

Market America is renowned for its yearly events that are responsible for funneling substantial cash flow into the city of Greensboro. It’s 26th annual international convention was held at the Greensboro Coliseum in August 2018. The company was established in Greensboro and is currently headquartered there; hence why the convention is held in the city every year.

According to the president and chief operating officer of the organization, the convention opened the door to more than 20,000 entrepreneurs from around the world. Guests book approximately 9,000 rooms during the convention, all of whom are affiliates of Shop.com and Market America where they make an exceptionally good living by selling products on their platforms. The convention provides the opportunity to present new technologies, products and service training.

Kim Kardashian with Marc Ashley and Loren Ridinger from Market America | 

The event is known for attracting celebrities and over the years has hosted the likes of Kim Kardashian, Fat Joe and Jamie Foxx. Triple threat La La Anthony, producer, author and businesswoman attended the last conference.

Market America is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in the United States. However, it is not for the faint hearted, if you are looking for a fast road to success, this is not for you. It takes resilience, determination and hard work to become an accomplished UnFranchised Business Owner. If you are ready to get started, there is no time like the present.