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Meghan And Harry Send Andrew A Card But Skip His 60’s Bash


President Trump’s comment about one of the jurors in the Roger Stone case gave Stone’s defense team an opening, so the team asked for a new trial. But it’s unclear if Tomeka Hart’s comment about Barr’s intervention in the case will be enough evidence for a new trial.

Mr. Barr took a lot of heat for overriding the four prosecutors who Hart claims did an excellent job presenting their case to the court. But now that Trump jumped in with both Twitter feet, anything can happen, according to the Washington Post.

After Mr. Trump told Barr and the country he has a right to interfere with Department of Justice cases, Mr. Barr’s office put out a statement about the Andrew McCabe investigation. Barr told the press the DOJ will not charge McCabe.

Michael Flynn, another Trump campaign official pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, and he cooperated with the Mueller investigation. But once Mueller’s report went public, Flynn changed his mind and said the FBI forced him to plead guilty. Mr. Barr intervened in Flynn’s sentencing, so Mike goes back to court next week to hear his punishment. Trump made it sound like he might pardon Flynn. And he left the door open to pardon Roger Stone after Judge Jackson renders a sentence.

Attorney General Barr told a group the U.S. should buy shares in Nokia or Ericsson to help bring Huawei’s 5G expansion program to an end. After Barr made that statement, the White House put out a statement that somewhat agrees with Barr’s theory. The White House wants to find a tech partner that has enough 5G knowledge to stop the Chinese tech superstar from dominating the global 5G network.

The DOJ indicted Huawei for racketeering recently in order to bring the tech giant to its knees. Department of Justice officials also charged Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s CFO with violating the sanctions against Iran. Meng is under house arrest in Canada. Wanzhou is due back in court to face a similar charge. If a Canadian judge finds her guilty, Canada will send her to the U.S. to stand trial.

Meghan and Harry are still in the news. The couple went house-hunting in LA recently, so Meghan can act again. The Queen wasn’t happy about that decision, but she didn’t comment on Harry’s decision not to attend his uncle Andrew’s 60th birthday party due to previous plans. But the couple did send Andrew a card and a video.