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Mina Gerowin: A Hedge Fund Manager Honored Near And Far


Mina Gerowin has never shied away from challenges. All of her experiences and education has led her to become a hedge fund manager and to be recognized as one of the best business executives in America.

She began her education process in Virginia where she focused on law at the University there. While at this school, she found a talent for editing and writing, and the Virginia Journal of International College put her to task as the editor. The publications that Mina Gerowin worked on related to foreign investments and particularly to the area of regulations.

After her studies in Virginia, Mina Gerowin continued on to Harvard. At Harvard, she gained her MBA as well as honorary doctorate from Baker and New Haven University. After leaving schooling, her energy changed to focus on the financial industry and hedge funds. In the world of hedge funds management, women are becoming more and more of a force. Gerowin has worked her way into that leadership position by harnessing her knowledge gained from education, life, and work experience.

Gerowin gained international experience as she has worked in London and headed up the European Departments of Paulson & Co. While in London, she managed investment that dealt with credit and distressed acquisitions. She was honored for her work in the hedge fund and also as a woman in leadership position. In addition to being recognized in Europe, the Dow Jones in America recognizes her as one of the top women in the financial field also.

Her role as a hedge fund manager required her to have vast knowledge of the industry. Investing in hedge funds require a firm grasp of the power of money and assets. The job of a hedge fund manager is to collectively distribute the funds acquired from investors into potentially high profit assets. As a hedge fund manager, Mina Gerowin makes leadership decisions on how to build the fund while effectively measuring the proper amount of risk versus reward. The duties of a hedge fund manager can be complicated, but Mina Gerowin had the talent and personal grit to make choices that lead the fund in the right direction. Gerowin holds a steady hand in the hedge fund industry where she has managed to create a role for herself that surpasses many.

Mina Gerowin and her work at Paulson & Co. have made her a standout among the world of hedge fund managers and women in financial positions, and she is also holds a unique position among global leaders as well as in her homeland of America.

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