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Mother Still Paying Student Loans for Blind Son


In 2018, Mary Desorcy took out a $20,000 loan so that she could pay for her son’s college education. Unfortunately, Mary’s son went blind and had to drop out of school. Mary’s son was able to get his student loan debt discharged because he is totally and permanently disabled.

Unfortunately, Mary still has to pay the $20,000 debt. She is having trouble making the payments. Her son wanted to help her, but he has not been able to work. Mary works as an office manager. The $20,000 debt is now $30,000 because of the added interest.

Mary believes that she should get some type of assistance because her son’s disability is not his fault. There has been a bill introduced to help people like Mary. The proposed legislation will eliminate the debt that parents owe if their child becomes disabled.

Legislators will vote on the bill at the end of the year. If it passes, then it will be introduced to congress. Parents are only able to have their student loan debt forgiven if their child dies. They can also get it discharged if they become disabled themselves.

Mark Kantrowitz works for SavingforCollege.com. He stated that 50,000 to 75,000 people are able to get their student loan debt discharged each year due to permanently disability. College costs are rising, so it is becoming more common for parents to take out a loan to cover the costs.

Betsy Mayone is the president of the Institute of Student Loan Advisors. She stated that parents who take out student loans need to know that there are options available if they are having trouble making payments. There are extended payment plans that will give people more time to pay off their loan. There are also income-contingency plans.

Furthermore, there are public service loan forgiveness programs. People who work for a government or non-profit agency can get their student loan debts forgiven after 10 years.