With Each Move In His Professional Career, Ben Melkman Has Earned Distinction For His Efforts


    Continuing His Highlight Filled Professional Career

    Ben Melkman is a respected business individual known for his long and distinguished career which has culminated in his founding of Light Sky Macro LP. He is currently playing a major role in this exciting new hedge fund as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. As far as his educational background, Ben Melkman has impressive credentials having studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He bases his impressive hedge fund and asset management operation out of the investment and financial hub that is New York City, New York.

    An Impressive and Formative Background

    One of the most formative and valuable pieces of professional experience that Ben Melkman enjoyed during this professional journey was his time spent at Morgan Stanley. He served as the London, United Kingdom-based firm’s Executive Director from 2004 until the end of the 2008 calendar year. This was a period of invaluable experience building for Ben Melkman as he was responsible for operations within the prestigious office. Another major part of his role was to spend significant time engaged in business development, partnership creation, and strategic planning. He continually established himself as an executive leader that was capable of producing impressive results during his tenure with the celebrated firm. After his successful run at Morgan Stanley, Ben Melkman moved to the team at Brevan Howard where he became a partner and a Portfolio Manager. He worked with the Geneva, Switzerland-based operation from 2009 until the midpoint of 2016. Ben Melkman once again built on his knowledge and experience during his time in this professional capacity. He spent a significant amount of time researching different companies of interest. Ben Melkman was able to further distinguish himself by consistently being able to produce research that turned out to be of an accurate nature. This successful research also consistently turned out to be profitable for the team at Brevan Howard. BVen was also charged with making many important decisions on investments. These decisions were based on his excellent research and were meant to meet the needs of the firm’s client base. His detailed knowledge of global financial markets and his ability to stay current with the news were instrumental in helping him to consistently succeed in this regard.

    His Next Big Move

    Light Sky Macro LP represents the most recent project that Ben Melkman has wholeheartedly thrown himself into. He created the operation in 2016 and has played a major role in its growth as the CEO/CIO. He has taken the extensive knowledge and experience that he has built over the years and combined it with his natural talent for financial and investment markets to create this exciting hedge fund and asset management operation. With operations based in New York City, there are high expectations for the future success of the operation based on the impeccable track record that Ben Melkman has established over his years working in the investment industry.