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The Mueller Team Comes out of the Investigating Woodwork and Corrects the Buzzfeed Story About Trump


It was the news report the world waited for. According to a BuzzFeed report, Trump told his former henchman, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about his attempt to build a Trump Hotel in Moscow. The Democrats jumped on the story faster than ticks jump on a grazing herd of deer. According to the article, Mueller had proof Trump gave Cohen orders to lie to Congress. The BuzzFeed article said Mueller’s team had text messages and other documents that prove Cohen did what Trump told him to do.

But a day after the report went viral, the Mueller team put out a statement that contradicts the BuzzFeed article. The statement said the article had flaws. Mueller spokesperson Peter Carr released that statement when the BuzzFeed article created a press firestorm.

According to BuzzFeed, the authors of the article asked Mueller’s office to comment on their report before it hit the Internet. As always, Peter Carr, Mueller’s spokesman, had no comment. But the Mueller spokesman underestimated the impact of the BuzzFeed report. Mueller and his team decided to control the impact of the story by claiming some of the facts in the report aren’t accurate.

The BuzzFeed report gave Trump the ammunition to call the press “enemies of the people.” He claimed the press is out to get him. Trump claims the mainstream media is a disgrace and has lost all credibility with Americans. Trump thanked Mueller for what he thought was a sign of vindication, but BuzzFeed didn’t back down after the Mueller team contradicted the original report.

Some legal analysts say Mueller doesn’t want to show all his Trump-related cards yet. He wants to present his Russian and Trump information in a methodical way. The BuzzFeed article let one of Mueller’s legal cats out of the bag too soon. But according to BuzzFeed, their story is accurate. Matt Mittenthal, a spokesman for BuzzFeed, said the news outlet will share more information about the story when they can.

The only way to know what Donald Trump said to his lawyer Michael Cohen is to wait for Mueller to finish his investigation. The Washington Post and the New York Times think Mueller could send his report to acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker in a couple of weeks. Neither publication can confirm that will happen. The only person who knows when Mueller’s investigation will end is, Robert Mueller.