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New Cryptocurrency Company Chooses Bizarre Ambassador


Steven Seagal entered the movie scene around the late 1980s. It was during this time that Seagal would try to capitalize on the wave of action superstars in Hollywood who were releasing extremely popular films. What made Seagal different than many of his fellow Hollywood action stars was that he had an extensive background in the martial arts. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Seagal would become one of Hollywood’s most popular action stars. Since then, his popularity within the movie world has waned but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming an ambassador for a new cryptocurrency company.

Since the popularity of the world of cryptocurrency began to take off, there have been a lot of companies looking to become successful. One company, called Bitcoiin2Gen is looking to get their share of success within this industry. With that in mind, the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency has made this industry very competitive. Unfortunately, many news websites feel that the pairing between a cryptocurrency company and Steven Seagal is an extremely bizarre business move. Tech website CNET attempted to contact Bitcoiin2Gen for a comment but couldn’t reach the company.

It’s understandable for a new company to want to attach itself to a famous star in order to get their name out into the world. However, many feel that their selection of Worldwide Ambassador in Steven Seagal might not have been the best choice. Many cryptocurrency companies are looking to get a mention by someone who is well-known to have knowledge of the financial or business industry. Not much else about the partnership between Seagal and Bitcoiin2Gen has been mentioned yet. The only recent public activity concerning this partnership was a tweet sent by Seagal that announced his position as an ambassador for this new cryptocurrency company.

To summarize, new cryptocurrency company Bitcoiin2Gen has announced Steven Seagal as their Worldwide Ambassador. Many people within the cryptocurrency world feel that this partnership is a bizarre marketing move. Steven Seagal is primarily known for releasing action films throughout the past four decades. Not much has been said after the initial announcement of this partnership between the action star and this new cryptocurrency company. It remains to be seen how Steven Seagal will help aid this new company against the many competitors within the world of cryptocurrency.