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Nine States Will Have Negative Economic Growth In 2020


The Trumpster put the last piece of his Iran screwing-plan in motion when he gave the order to send Iran’s top military hero to another world. Qasem Soleimani didn’t know what hit him when a U.S. drone blasted his car outside the Baghdad airport. Soleimani was no saint. He is the man behind the militia raids that upset peace in the Middle East. John Bolton let the country know he’s happy the general is off the planet. John wants Trump to go after Iran’s supreme leader next.

Mike Pompeo put another make lie in play when he told the press Trump wants to de-escalate the tension with Iran. The drone attack was Trump’s way of showing Iran he wants peace. But Iran’s supreme leader told the Trumpster he better watch his back and prepare for some serious cyberattacks. The Iranians are cyber warriors that rank up there with the Chinese and the Russian. Plus, Trump’s pal Ben Netanyahu may have more to worry about than his legal issues now that Trump drew a bloody line in the Middle Eastern sand.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t know about the drone attack. Trump kept Congress in the dark. That’s another Trump move to show the Democrats he’s in control. Trump believes the Republicans will stand behind him during the Senate trial. But cracks in the Trumpian clan came to the surface during the holiday break. Two Republican senators want witnesses to testify. If Chuck Schumer can get two more Trumpians to jump ship, Nancy’s plan to hold back impeachment articles was a good move.

Mitch McConnell danced around the witness issue while he tried to tell his Kentucky voters Trump’s the man who will make their lives better. McConnell has Trump’s snake oil fever. It’s not uncommon for Mitch to make statements that sound meaningful and sincere while he plots to make America a divided nation with a leader who has a serious case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Kentucky is one of the nine states that will have negative economic growth in 2020.

Nine states will have negative economic growth in 2020. West Virginia tops the list, and Pennsylvania made the list even though Trump told his voter base in PA he would bring manufacturing jobs back to the Keystone State. Manufacturing in Pennsylvania is in the toilet thanks to the Trumpster’s tariff addiction.

Oklahoma, Montana, and Delaware’s economy will grow the wrong way in 2020, and New Jersey, Connecticut, and Vermont’s economies will also contract in 2020.