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OneLogin’s Multifactor Authentication Service Has Become an Essential Component of Online Security


Online security is becoming more and more critical. Breaches of sensitive data are becoming increasingly more common, and businesses are left to deal with the fallout. What more businesses need to know is that catastrophe can be avoided if you know where to go for preventative measures.





Enter OneLogin, a tech security company with its sights locked firmly on reducing the number of high-profile security breaches. The company has created its own MFA- Multi-Factor Authentication- process to assist in this goal. In this article, we will be examining a few crucial factors: What MFA services are, why you need one, and why OneLogin is who you should seek out to get one.





Without further delay, let’s get started.





What are Multi-Factor Authentication services?



Multifactor Authentication services are the series of hurdles someone will need to go through before they are able to access critical information. There are many examples of MFA technology in your daily life that you don’t realize you are utilizing: face-recognition software, recovery phone numbers, “I am not a robot” security prompts- these are all examples of MFA measures being put into place by a company.






Why does my company need one?




MFA services are a prerequisite for any business that hopes to house client’s critical information. Information like this can include things like personal addresses, billing information, social security numbers- you get the idea.




The number of bad actors in the tech world increases by the day. There is so much for hackers to gain, with little risk to themselves, and so much for an unprotected business to lose. If a hacker can’t get into someone’s account, they sigh and try again with someone else. If one of your clients is that same hacker’s jackpot, then it will end up coming out of your business’s pocket, and in more ways than one. Your company’s reputation can be irreparably tarnished, and it goes without saying you will need to compensate the victim.





A worst-case scenario like this is why you need to invest in an MFA service for your business. And OneLogin is the best provider available.






What is OneLogin, and what can they do for my business?



OneLogin offers modern MFA solutions. These services are future-proofed and flexible, ensuring the service provided is one that can function whatever tech innovations are down the pipeline. OneLogin aims to provide both you and your customer with a secure online experience. The service alleviates the stresses normally associate with account creation and information hosting by crafting an actionable relationship with clients.





Using OneLogin’s MFA service will provide your business with a swath of new avenue’s for account protection. One-time password technology, SecurID, SMS authentication, and much more are all available through the service. With OneLogin, bad actors will need to jump through the tightest, most well crafted hurdles in the business before they get anywhere near you or your customer’s vital information.





The number of high-tech methods OneLogin utilizes to keep malicious entities away from relevant information is staggering. Regardless of your business infrastructure or demographics, hackers will start packing once they see your service is under OneLogin’s protection.





OneLogin offers security solution on every development platform available. Desktop, mobile, windows, you name it, and OneLogin is on it. The service features integrated, third-party authentication factors as well, such as Yubico, Symantec, and Duo. OneLogin and its partners are committed to providing you with the safest online experience possible.






What makes OneLogin the leading MFA service provider?



OneLogin will keep you connected at all times. Constant updates in regards to your business’s security will be provided. Any request for backend data will also be offered on a moment’s notice. If it’s going to help provide you with a more stress-free virtual experience, then OneLogin will provide it, no questions asked.





To get started on creating a more secure and reliable business, contact OneLogin at your earliest convenience.