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New “PAMM Plus” Trading Software from ATC Brokers Aims to Help Money Managers


ATC Brokers, the premier, FCA-regulated Forex brokerage firm, recently introduced its innovative “PAMM Plus” technology. PAMM Plus has been designed to be a software solution that overcomes the traditional limitations of MAM and PAMM systems. Money managers in the foreign exchange market are sure to appreciate the many ways in which PAMM Plus will streamline their operations.

PAMM Plus offers forex money managers the real possibility of combining subscribers’ capital with the money managers’ expertise, all in the service of producing much improved results for all the participants.

An All-in-One Solution for Money Managers

Described as an “innovative, all-in-one, multi-account manager software system” what makes PAMM Plus so intriguing is its ability to easily allow foreign exchange money managers to not only execute trades, but also to manage multiple clients through a single master account, incorporating multi-currency capabilities.

In the words of Jack Manoukian, co-founder of ATC Brokers, “Our firm continues to implement innovative technology within the industry. We believe that the PAMM Plus addition to our product line reinforces our commitment to providing clients with software that enhances their trading experience.”

PAMM Plus Uses Smart Logic for Position Allocation‎

The smart logic employed by PAMM Plus software detects any changes made to client funds upon placement of the order. In addition, PAMM Plus’ highly advanced back office portal gives money managers immediate access to tracking and monitoring of account activity, trade execution, real-time multi-layer payouts, and reporting.

Additional PAMM Plus Features

ATC Brokers’ PAMM Plus technology has been built inside a powerful ECN engine. Some other desirable features of the PAMM Plus software include:

  • Ability to set a pre-determined stop equity loss on each account to limit the level of risk
  • Ability to customize the ratio of the order size that is placed by the money manager
  • Ability to subscribe and unsubscribe immediately during market hours without affecting other participants
  • Ability to manage accounts with different currency denominators with one master account
  • Ability to adjust participation levels
  • Ability to swiftly send one batch order to liquidity providers, and one price is allocated to all participants in real time.

For a detailed presentation of these exciting PAMM Plus features, please watch the brief, informative video here.

Manager Portal

The PAMM Plus Manager Portal provides money managers with all necessary data to conduct operations. The available data consists of accounts that are subscribed, unsubscribed, mapped, de-mapped, account currency type, deposit balance, level of participation, equity stop level and fees associated to the accounts. View some screenshots of the Manager Portal here (click on “Manager Portal).

ATC Brokers: Dedicated to a Transparent Trading Environment

ATC Brokers ATC Brokers is an FCA regulated and premier brokerage that provides online trading solutions within the FX market, servicing retail clients to institutional relations. Their offerings eliminate conflict of interest to clients and provide for a neutral trading environment.

ATC Brokers believes the Forex market should be unbiased, as well as more transparent for all market participants. This vision has led ATC Brokers to establish a pure agency model. This model provides clients with services that are free of manipulation.

Visit ATC Brokers’ website for more information on the PAMM Plus technology.