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Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again

Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again
Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again

“Profits Unlimited” is the brainchild of Paul Mampilly, and it has just reached a turning point. The research service is now landing in the hands of 60,000 subscribers. This fact makes “Profits Unlimited” the investment industry’s fastest growing newsletter.

Paul Mampilly was a hedge fund manager in another life. During his 20 years in the business, he had several major clients, including ING, Kinetics International and Deutsche Bank.

The Templeton Foundation hosted an investment competition, and Paul Mampilly entered the contest in 2009. He managed to turn $50 million into $88 million and won the competition with a 76 percent gain. It should be mentioned that he did this during the worst years of the financial crisis, and he never needed to short stocks.

Apparently, Paul Mampilly is the person to give others advice about making good investments, so he partnered with Banyan Hill Publishing last year to start a newsletter that would teach ordinary Americans how to profit from the stock market. So, “Profits Unlimited” was born.

The newsletter contains eight pages full of advice about Paul Mampilly’s recommendations for stocks. It is mailed to subscribers every month and showcases updates of one or two stocks. Subscribers can visit Paul’s website every week to track the progress of these stocks.

Mampilly does not act as a broker for his subscribers. Instead, his subscribers open their own accounts and purchase the stocks on their own. This is a new way for brokers and clients to do business.

Mampilly’s clients seem to be very satisfied with the arrangement. One client informed Paul that all of the investments that Mampilly recommended are doing well. He also mentioned that he has never experienced a more profitable time period since he began investing in the stock market.

Paul Mampilly has a very profitable portfolio of his own, and it includes investments that are up 18 percent, 21 percent, 31 percent and 38 percent. In total, 11 out of 13 of his open positions are turning a profit.

Mampilly wrote about a semiconductor company in his first issue of “Profits Unlimited” on June 1. That company’s stock is now up 160 percent.

Another subscriber also sang Paul’s praises. So far, this particular investor has gained $45,190 in profits from following Paul Mampilly’s advice. He categorically stated that he has never met a financial adviser who was nearly as exceptional as Paul is.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly graduated in 1991 from Montclair State University with a BBA in Finance and Accounting. In 1997, he graduated from Fordham Gabelli School of Business with a Master of Business Administration.

He became an Assistant Portfolio Manager in 1993 with Bankers Trust Company. His job was to assist the Senior Portfolio Manager with high net worth clients. In 1995, he received a promotion and became a Portfolio Manager with the company. He remained until 1998.

In November of 1991, Paul went to Deutsche Asset Management where he recommended stocks to four portfolio managers. He became a Senior Research Analyst with ING Funds in 2001 where he was the manager of two analysts who covered healthcare stocks. The team made recommendations to three different portfolio managers.

After gaining a few years of experience at other people’s firms, Paul opened his own research service entitled “Capuchinomics.” It was the first of its kind because it focused on behavioral finance. Investment managers who read the periodical were impressed by its use of human emotion as the main reason behind investment decisions. Capuchinomics was disbanded in August of 2006 and is inactive at the present time.

In September of 2006, Paul became the Senior Portfolio Manager for Kinetics Asset Management. He was part of a team that raised more than $5 billion for Kinetics investment funds. He’s also responsible for managing investment accounts worth $25 billion.

After leaving Kinetics Asset Management, Paul became an author and an analyst for Common Sense Publishing in 2011. In this position, he had the opportunity to make investment recommendations for four different newsletters. In 2014, Paul was an Investment Director, Analyst of FDA Trader and an Author for Agora Financial. In 2015, Paul was an author and analyst for “The Professional Speculator.” This stock advisory service’s main focus was on speculative stocks.

In January of 2013, Paul Mampilly opened Capuchin Consulting that is helping people earn profits through their investments.

After earning the experience listed above, Paul decided that he didn’t want to be a part of Wall Street any longer. The reason is because he thought that Wall Street does not do enough to help a majority of the people. He wanted to assist people in investing their money, and he thought that the best way for him to do this was to start a newsletter. Now, he is in a position to help people from all walks of life.

Paul is proud that the research he does now is something that is within the reach of most people. This is in contrast to what happens on Wall Street because managers tend to focus on people with a lot more money to spend.

Paul Mampilly’s Predictions

Paul has decided which sectors he believes that people should be in this year because these stocks are poised to grow and sustain that growth. They are electric vehicles, precision medicine and food delivery systems. Paul Mampilly has been correct so much of the time that investors can feel confident that they can follow his latest advice and any other advice into the future.

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