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Pence Is Up To His LGBTQ Hating Neck In Ukrainian Quid Pro Quo Mud


It appears Chinese capitalism is just as destructive as Western capitalism. Chinese businesses continue to go out of business for many of the same reasons American companies fail. If a business goes out of business in China, the state and creditors get stuck with the bill. In order to stop that mess, China set up several new bankruptcies courts. The courts will mirror American bankruptcy courts with a few changes that conform to Chinese law.

Trump’s war with China keeps getting weirder. The phase one deal seems like it continues to evolve. China claims Trump will take the December tariffs off the table, and he’ll drop tariffs on a $360 billion worth of Chinese products. China will also drop tariffs on $360 billion American products. Mr. Trump wanted Xi to come to Alaska or Iowa to sign the deal. But Xi said London or somewhere in Sweden or Switzerland would work for him.

Bill Barr knew about Trump’s plan to quid pro quo Zelensky, but he claims he was in the dark. Bill knows the impeachment process will bring a lot of hidden facts to the surface. Some of those facts won’t leave a good taste in the public’s mouth. Barr and the rest of Trump’s inner circle of stooges knew Trump wanted to link Ukraine with 2016 campaign interference as well send Biden to the political stables.

Bill Taylor will be the first witness to tell the true story behind Trump’s plan to get Ukraine to interfere with the 2020 election. The Republicans chose Jim Jordan as the person who can spew the Trumpster’s snake oil in that special mixture of passive-aggressive double talk. Most Republicans don’t want to be part of the Jim Jordan defense especially after Matt Biven took a beating in Kentucky.

Rudy had to hire three lawyers now that the Southern District of New York is on his Trump-loving ass. Rudy was Trump’s maestro in Ukraine. Giuliani worked around the State Department to make Trump’s Zelensky plan a reality.

Mike Pence met with Zelensky in September. Instead of mentioning Trump wanted him to screw Biden before he got his aid check, Pence talked about corruption during their meeting, according to Pence aid, Jennifer Williams. That was Pence double-talk for Trump’s wants to screw Biden.

Williams is ready to talk to Adam Schiff unless Trump stops her. She was on the Zelensky call. She told the press she had concerns about the call, but she didn’t mention those concerns.