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Perry Mandera: Chicago-based Philanthropist and Business Expert

Perry Mandera Helps Chicago Community With Philanthropy

Custom Cares Charities was established by entrepreneur Perry Mandera. Mr. Mandera is an innovator in the transportation industry. He goes to church with his family, is a sports enthusiast and dedicates his time to helping people in his community.


A U.S. Marine Learns About Trucks


In 1975, Perry Mandera graduated from a public high school in the Chicago area. After graduating, Perry became a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves where, as a member of the motor pool, he learned how to drive trucks. Perry Mandera returned to his life as a civilian after receiving an honorable discharge.


A Former Member of the Military Becomes a Successful Entrepreneur


In 1980, Perry Mandera established his own company in 1980 after he worked for a few transportation companies. Perry was a relatively young 23-year-old chief executive officer (CEO). He decided to sell his company in 1985.


Political Dreams Turned into Reality


Perry’s political aspirations enabled him to serve as the Republican ward committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago from 1984 through 1988. He was the youngest Republican ward committeeman who had ever been elected in the same district.


Serving Thousands of Happy Customers for more than 30 Years


In the month of February 1986, Perry Mandera established The Custom Companies Inc. The business has served numerous consumers throughout the years. Customers include owners of family businesses and CEOs of Fortune 100 corporations. His yearly sales exceed $200 million in a business employing a few hundred employees.


A Full-Service Transportation Provider in the State of Illinois


Perry Mandera’s Custom Companies Inc. has its headquarters in Northlake, Illinois, and branches out to other locations across the country. The business advertises itself as a “Full-Service Transportation Provider.” Perry’s company provides logistic products and services including truckload services, LTL services plus domestic and international air freight forwarding services (About).


Enthusiastic Champion of Youngsters, Veterans, and Victims of Cancer


Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies Inc. has spent a considerable amount of time and money assisting a wide array of charities and other causes sponsored by charitable organizations. Mr. Mandera has been involved in helping youth organizations, veterans and research projects devoted to finding new cures for cancer.


Providing Warm Clothes for Needy Children


Some of the charities Perry has assisted include the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation and the Jesse White Tumblers. Perry’s involvement as a board of directors member for each of these charitable organizations enabled him to provide needed transportation services and warm winter clothing to 6,500 children residing in the Chicago metropolitan area.


Assisting Victims of Natural Disasters


The Custom Companies Inc., under the supervision of Perry Mandera, provided relief to victims of the 2013 tornado that left many people without transportation or other necessities during the 2013 tornado occurring in Washington, Illinois. After Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and Mississippi, The Custom Companies Inc. was able to transport approximately 40 truckloads of food and supplies to the residents of these locations.


Donating Trucks, Food, and Supplies


Perry Mandera is always on the lookout for areas requiring his assistance and financial support. His frequent donations of vehicles, food and other needed supplies assisted people who were devastated by the recent California wildfires. In addition, Perry Mandera established his own charity called Custom Cares Charities. His innovative charitable organization provides disadvantaged families with tens of thousands of dollars during Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Avid Sponsor of Chicago’s Youth Groups


Perry Mandera established The Custom Companies Inc. with a purpose. His intention was to give back to his community. Mr. Mandera is a firm believer in the popular paying it forward concept. Custom Cares Charities offers financial support to charities and private individuals. His charitable organization sponsors more than 100 youth groups in Chicago and other towns throughout Illinois. Plus, Custom Cares Charities donates substantial funds to assist children and teenagers who need financial assistance to further their educations. His ongoing commitment to help veterans led to the creation of his memorable “We need to help veterans” slogan. His charity collaborates with Hiring our Heroes and Marines for Life.


An Enthusiastic Sports Fan who Helps Athletes


On a more personal note, Perry Mandera coaches youngsters who play basketball, baseball and football. His keen interest in professional boxing led him to manage professional boxers including Chicago’s Donnell “Doc” Nickelson. Mr. Nickelson was a U.S. Olympic Super Heavyweight competitor during the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona, Spain. In addition, Perry Mandera was one of the managers who helped “Irish” Andy Lee. Mr. Lee represented Ireland during the 2004 Olympics.


A Sponsor of Church Activities and Wholesome Community Events


Perry Mandera is an active member of his church and local community. Perry is involved in sponsoring various church activities and events in his neighborhood. He married his wife in 1989. He and his wife have two children. Both parents take active roles in their children’s educational studies and recreational activities (https://perrymandera.weebly.com/).


Reducing Potentially Harmful Emissions


Perry Mandera has invested time and money to help Toys for Tots, the Girl Scouts of America, Campus Crusade for Christ, the ALS Foundation and the National MS Society. In addition to his numerous charitable endeavors, The Custom Companies is involved in the SmartWay program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency. The program focuses on finding new ways to reduce fuel usage and emissions.


Providing an Honest Approach for his Customers


Mr. Mandera’s firm belief in maintaining high business standards stems from his commitment to offer superior customer service to his customers. His business ethics include offering reliable services every day of the week. Plus, he provides services on nights, weekends and holidays. Every client receives personal attention. His philosophy is to treat customers with respect. Perry’s personal approach has granted him a reputation that surpasses the bulk of his competitors. Every client receives an accurate bill for rendered services. Inaccuracies are avoided by hiring employees who are meticulous and diligent about their jobs. With an emphasis on truth and confidentiality, his clients readily understand that they are dealing with a trustworthy entrepreneur.


A Top American Transportation Executive


In addition to providing excellent transportation services, Perry Mandera owns a warehouse and offers distribution services to his clients. His warehouse employees provide labeling and routing services. With 33 major distribution centers, Mr. Mandera is able to provide access to thousands of trucking company associates. In addition, his company owns an entire fleet of trucks equipped with technologically advanced tracking capabilities via satellite. The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) awarded Perry Mandera with an award naming him as one of the top 100 American transportation executives.