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Personal Profile: Jordan Lindsey, Founder of JCL Capital

Jordan Lindsey Prioritizes His Family as He Pursues Business Success

Last week, we posted an article about the dynamic career of Jordan Lindsey, founder of JCL Capital and creator of Bitcoin Growth Bot. Here, we see the background that led Lindsey to where he is today.

Growing up in New York, Jordan Lindsey loved sports. As a boy, he took to tennis and ice hockey with a passion. But sports were far from his only pursuit;; Jordan had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. He loved the challenge of both creating new things and improving on an existing design. Something he’d end up doing quite often as a professional.

Not one to stay in his comfort zone, he spent a good chunk of his life traveling the world; he’s lived in three different countries. It was abroad where he met the love of his life while they were both volunteering in a small village in Bosnia. That meeting led to Jordan’s greatest joy in life: his three daughters.

Jordan and his wife decided to live in San Francisco after a trip to the city left them fascinated with “The City By the Bay.”  Jordan was especially taken by San Francisco because of the energy and attitude, which he felt mirrored his. Nowhere else but in San Francisco had he seen the love of innovation so present. It was practically a given that he’d have to move there.

Family and Balance

When it comes to Lindsey’s personal life, he puts his family at the top of his list. Describing what his life is like outside of work Lindsey says, “my wife and marriage are the most important things in the world to me.” The two were quick to become best friends when they met in Medjugorje, the small village in which they’d been doing charity work. But when they realized that they were thinking about each other all the time, they discovered that their feelings went much deeper than friendship.

Lindsey sees spending time with his wife and three children as the most rewarding part of his life.

He loves to be around his family as much as possible regardless of what they are doing. Lindsey values being around his children to help shape their future, but also to allow them to influence him. To him, parenting isn’t a one-way street. His three daughters constantly teach him new things while reminding him of some of his most important values. This kind of perspective helps Lindsey maintain a healthy balance in his life.

And Lindsey always stresses the importance of balanced life. For him, a healthy balance goes beyond just spending quality time with his family. He finds that when he takes care of his body through exercise and diet he’s more capable in every area of his life. He is a better father and husband and is more productive when he’s in the office.

Philanthropic Ambitions

Beyond family and health, Lindsey puts a premium on helping others. Spend a few minutes with Lindsey and you’ll quickly recognize his passion for giving back to the global community. But it’s clear that the people he helps aren’t the only ones who benefit from his charitable work.  Lindsey’s life is also enriched in the process of helping others.

Not only did Lindsey meet his wife thanks to the charitable work he was doing, but it also contributes to his overall happiness. In a world of material possession where most people can’t see past the bottom line, his work with the underprivileged allows him to keep the proper perspective. In a society that changes quicker and quicker by the day, having principles that keep you attached to solid ground is invaluable to him.

One of Lindsey’s major personal goals is to create a self-funding charity. His dream is that the charity will give to people who have taken a vow of poverty in order to serve the poor. It’s not hard to imagine how Lindsey maintains his motivation with such lofty and admirable goals. By having a goal much bigger and more important than himself, he can constantly push himself to do and give more.

A Life Devoted to Learning

Clearly, Jordan’s drive has enabled him to develop both personally and professionally. While he has studied at Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph College, he’s also taught himself programming as well as the design of system architecture. These skills have proven vital to Lindsey in his career; his ability to self-motivate is a big part of what drives his success.

It’s natural to wonder where this desire to give back came from and what makes Lindsey tick. According to him, he takes inspiration from everywhere. He finds that it is extremely important to him that you constantly question how the outside world is affecting you, whether that be a striking advertisement or a person who leaves a distinct impression on you. To Jordan, by constantly asking yourself why these people or things have had an effect on you, you will begin to know yourself better.

One movie that was particularly influential for Lindsey was Jobs. Lindsey continues to have a lot of respect for Steve Jobs as an entrepreneur and took a serious interest in studying him. He even admitted to watching several portions of the Jobs movie over and over again. He wanted to get inside Job’s head and piece together what strategies and philosophies might help him with his own craft.

His mild obsession with Steve Jobs speaks to Jordan’s passion to grow and develop himself, always pushing to look around himself for ways to become better. Even when he speaks, Lindsey can’t help but show himself as a lifelong learner.

Built for Success

The story of successful business executives and higher-ups with questionable morals are all too common in today’s society. Luckily, Jordan Lindsey is no such story. Rather, his story is a classic tale of a hard worker that we can all learn from. Lindsey is a humble, committed man who leverages the love of family and passion to give back and create a successful life for others, himself and his family.

The type of values that Lindsey holds dear will never go out of style. That’s why Lindsey’s well-rounded character sets him up for success in both business and life.

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