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President Xi Has The Trump Walk-Away Jitters


The president’s track record as a deal maker is pretty lame. When the president wanted to end the North American Free Trade Agreement and replace it with his version of the same trade agreement it didn’t take long for Mexico and Canada to realize Trump was in over his head. The new trade agreement is about the same as the old one. Trump changed the name so he could take credit for finally agreeing with what was there and expanding parts of it.

When Mr. Trump went to Europe to meet with members of NATO, it didn’t take the NATO members long to realize Mr. Trump thought the Europe Union would be his across the pond slaves. But that didn’t happen. Europe doesn’t rely on the United States like it did when Russia and the U.S. measured and showed each other their nuclear junk. The U.S. signed a treaty with Russia to protect Europe in case Putin decided he needed to expand his dictatorship.

Mr. Trump just canceled that treaty. At the recent Munich Security Conference, Europeans at the conference gave Mike Pence a taste of old-world shade when they didn’t clap when he mentioned Trump and his half-hearted well wishes.

But the Trumpster tried to redeem his foreign policy record when he flew to Singapore to scope out future hotel development sites, and to meet the king of nuke madness, North Korea president Kim Jon Un. Trump thought he could get Dennis Rodman’s friend to give up those nukes just because Kim “liked his mobster charm. But that didn’t happen.

Mr. Trump gave Kim another up close and personal look at a modern-day Western conman when Trump decided he wanted to go to Hanoi to check out ocean property. And have a second summit with Kim. Kim stiffed Trump the first time. And the second time, Trump gave Kim the old fashion “kiss my ass” performance after his former lawyer Michael Cohen sizzled his mobster nuts in front of the Congressional Oversight Committee.

Kim’s deputy foreign minister said Kim is over Trump. But Mike Pompeo said he may rattle his nukes a little, but he’ll get over Trump making him look foolish on the world stage.

Several Chinese news reports say President Xi won’t go to Mar-a-Lago to sign a trade agreement with Trump. Xi knows Trump might not sign the agreement if he’s distracted by political attacks. But Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin told the press the talks seem to be heading toward the finish line. Steve said President Xi will meet Trump to sign the agreement, but it won’t be in Florida.