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How Privinvest Became a Leader in the Global Shipbuilding Industry


Company History and Industry Expertise in Shipbuilding

Privinvest has more than two decades of experience in the shipbuilding industry. It was founded by brothers Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa and has continued its tradition of being a family-owned company. Although it maintains its corporate headquarters in the Middle East, Privinvest is truly an international company. It has more than 2,500 skilled and dedicated employees around the world who all work as part of a collaborative team to build safe, cutting-edge, and reliable ships for navies and commercial and personal use. Privinvest has major shipbuilding facilities in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the Mediterranean.


Contributions to Naval Vessel Design and Building

In addition to designing and building commercial vessels, Privinvest is also a top-notch provider of design and shipbuilding services to naval fleets for various countries. The company is known for its superior naval engineering and design services and serves as a trusted consultant to high-ranking naval officers and other government officials. To date, Privinvest has designed, built, tested and delivered more than 2,000 ships across the world, including vessels for 40 nations’ navies. Privinvest is involved in shipbuilding and design projects for vessels used by NATO nations.

Privinvest has become a go-to shipbuilder for navies because the company always delivers on its contracts. All of the business relationships and government contracts that Privinvest adds to its long list of satisfied clients are based on the confidence that clients have in Privinvest’s ability to meet quality standards and project deadlines. It has operated since its first contract on its core mission of prioritizing safe designs, quality workmanship and excellent customer service.


Investment in Research and Development for Marine Renewable Energy

Because Privinvest has earned a strong reputation as a forward-thinking leader in the shipbuilding industry, it was a natural move for the company to start investing in the research and development of marine renewable energy. It is heavily involved in the hydrokinetic and turbine industries. Company leaders have expressed an interest in creating a stronghold in the environmental niche of the marine industry. The company’s innovative and eco-friendly design techniques – including solar power, long-life batteries and propeller design that lessens the impact on marine life — are being applied to the mega-yachts built by  Privinvest.


Company Leadership Profile

Privinvest owes much of its success in the shipbuilding industry to its impressive corporate leadership team. Company co-founder Iskandar Safa is the CEO of Privinvest Group and brings decades of in-depth knowledge of the marine industry to the company. He began his career as a civil engineer and then earned an MBA to better manage the business side of his family’s company. He and his brother started their careers in the shipbuilding industry by purchasing a struggling shipyard in France and working tirelessly to turn it into a profitable business. That same shipyard now employs more than 500 workers and is an integral part of the company. One of the major reasons that Safa has been able to develop such a successful company and preserve its stellar reputation in the marine industry is his knack for identifying and developing top talent in corporate leadership positions.