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Prosecutors Withdraw After Barr Intervenes In The Stone Case


The Chinese claim Huawei is the victim of unwarranted attacks by the United States. Now that phase 2 of the trade talks is on ice until after the election, Trump decided to let Bill Barr take an offensive role in Huawei’s demise. Mr. Barr is the president’s legal attack dog, according to the Washington Post. Barr told a group at a security conference the U.S. should take over Nokia or Ericsson in order to stop Huawei’s global 5G dominance.

Mr. Barr also stepped in when his prosecutors recommended Roger Stone serve at least seven years for obstructing justice, threatening a witness, and lying to Congress. Four of the prosecutors withdrew from the case. And one prosecutor resigned when Barr told the court the DOJ will let Judge Amy Berman decide how much time Stone will spend in an orange jumpsuit.

The attorney general’s decision to overrule his prosecutors is a first, according to the New York Times. Barr’s critics claim he continues to violate his oath of office for protecting the president. Barr claims the president is above the law, so he must protect Trump from Democrats. But people working for the DOJ say Mr. Barr is a vindictive and irrational lawyer who hates the government and Democrats.

The New Hampshire primary results sent Joe Biden to South Carolina before the voting ended. Biden is low on cash, and Trump’s quest to ruin his campaign seems to be on point. Mr. Biden placed fifth in New Hampshire and fourth in Iowa. The handwriting is on the Biden wall, according to political analysts. The analysts say the same thing about Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg seem to be the frontrunners, but Amy Klobuchar’s campaign picked up steam after her performance in both primaries. And Mike Bloomberg plans to be a force to reckon with after the Super Tuesday vote.

China’s economic growth will take a major hit from the coronavirus. The World Health Organization named the virus COVID-19. The virus is in the same family of viruses as SARS.

Federal Reserve Board Chairman told the press COVID-19 will hurt U.S. economic growth But the Feds plan to keep economic growth in the 1.8 to 2.0% range in 2020 by keeping interest rates the same, and by buying Treasury notes every month this year. Mr. Powell doesn’t use the term quantitative easing to describe his asset balance expansion. But economists say without that stimulus, the U.S. could face a recession this year.