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Quality Care At Virtua Medical Group


Whether you are looking for a primary care provider that you can count on or need the medical expertise of a surgeon or specialist, Virtua Medical Group is ready to help. The Virtua Medical Group is a superior medical network comprised of an exceptional team of individuals rooted in a mutual passion for delivering the highest quality of care possible. This dedication to a high quality of care is proven in the various technologies utilized by Virtua Medical Group’s providers and its top quality scores at a national level.

Virtua Medical Group is the largest, non-profit health system in the state of New Jersey and has a team of over five hundred providers. The Virtua Medical Group system is not only comprised of hospitals but is also the comprehensive health care system for many other medical services such as various home health organizations and skilled nursing facilities throughout the state of New Jersey.

What is quality care?
Quality care and patient safety is the heart of any healthcare system and a top priority for the Virtua Medical Group. The World Health Organization has a comprehensive definition of quality care that emphasizes time-effectiveness, safety, and efficiency among other distinct attributes. These standards for quality of care have been developed by the WHO in order to set minimum guidelines that any healthcare facility should aspire to. Through much work and efficient strategies, the Virtua Medical Group has been able to complete to exceed these expectations and solidify the medical group as a top provider of quality care.

A passion for only providing patients with the highest quality of care possible is the secret to the Virtua Medical Group’s overwhelming success. The Virtua Medical Group has been recognized throughout the United States as a provider of quality care. Specific highlights include recognition with the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the United States News and World Report.

Why is quality care important to patients?
Potential patients need to be an advocate for themselves and demand the highest quality of care possible. Virtua Medical Group goes above and beyond is able to cater to the individual needs of each employee, each patient, each medical condition, and so on. A combination of highly-motivated health care professionals, effective communication amongst medical personnel, and positive engagement throughout the surrounding community makes Virtua Medical Group and its subsidiary facilities a place any patient could be proud to receive care from.